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Knockouts Tag Team Title Match At Lockdown?, Bischoff Responds To Negativity

— Based on comments made online and events from Thursday’s Impact Wrestling, it would appear that Eric Young and ODB will be defending the TNA Knockout Tag Team Championship against Sarita and Rosita Sunday night at TNA Lockdown.

Young and ODB’s Steel Cage Wedding on Thursday’s show was interrupted by Sarita and Rosita, who performed a striptease in a failed attempt to get Young to bail on his bride. ODB threatened Rosita over this and subsequent taunts on Twitter, writing: “really bitch,u look like a lil girl waitin to hit puberty,c your skinny ass at lockdown.” Sarita then wrote on Facebook that she and Rosita want their belts back. The title match could occur as early as Sunday night at Lockdown as Sarita and Rosita are scheduled for the show.

— Scott Steiner, who parted ways with TNA Wrestling two weeks ago, has continuously railed against Garett Bischoff in his Twitter rants against TNA Wrestling’s upper hierarchy. “Big Poppa Pump” feels that Garett’s cushy spot in the organization is brought on by nepotism rather than talent. In an apparent response to Steiner’s criticism, Garett wrote Thursday on Facebook:

“Negative people will only try to drag you down to there negative level because they do not know how to rise up to your level! So wake up every day, put boots to ass, and achive whatever goals you have set out to achive! Aond dont let ANYONE stand in your way!”

  • SYM

    @Nick is Awesome Says:

    I wonder where you got your Comment from -_-

  • b c Mitchell

    Orton, DiBiase, and Rhodes spent several years in developmental learning how to wrestle before being shoved into the spotlight. Garret is being pushed while learning what he’s doing and it shows. If he wants to be a wrestler then good luck to him. Its just sad to see him getting exposure when talented guys who know what they are doing can’t make it onto the show. The crowd already hates him to the point that even if he does begin to improve it won’t matter.

  • Nick is Awsome says:

    boots to ass i wonder where his dad stole that one from

  • Gorilla

    Randy Orton Ted Dibiase Cody Rhodes and the rock all got special treatment like garret it just the way it is and MICHEALS HHH AND AUSTIN JUST NAME A FEW FOUGHT AND FOUGHT TO GET TO TOP …..IN Rikishi’s words pop goes the crowd…lol dumbass that’ll never get old “pop”lol”crowd”lol..his sons boring

  • dlb

    boots to ass, where have i heard that before?

  • b c Mitchell

    He should learn to spell achieve. Steiner is a nutjob but also correct. The only reason Garett is on TV is because if his last name and not his talent level. Or lack thereof

  • Jason

    Well said Garett and true. You sound just like your mom, via always being positive.