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Konnan Explains Why Yokozuna Never Joined World Championship Wrestling

Asistencia Asesoría y Administración matchmaker Konnan and Major League Wrestling President/former WWE creative writer Court Bauer joined Mister Saint Laurent on MLW Radio. The roundtable discussion covered a variety of topics, with all three speaking candidly about their time in the professional wrestling industry.

Konnan discussed his relationship with Yokozuna: “Yoko was gangster. I went to L.A. with him once and he was like the godfather of South Central. He was telling me stories about him sneaking drugs through airport security. He was well connected. He was a gangster. I looked up to him a lot. He loved my character in the nWo and we were actually going to get him to come in as a Samoan gangster and have my back.”

Konnan then explains why the former WWF Champion ultimately never joined World Championship Wrestling.

“One time Scott [Hall] was with (Eric) Bischoff and he [said to Yokozuna], ‘Man Bischoff is right here. Let’s make this happen.’ Yoko said, ‘I don’t roll like that. You don’t just put someone on the phone and tell me to sign.’ He got offended and he never came in,” he said.

Other topics include which wrestlers they’ve seen yell at Vince McMahon and how the WWE Chairman reacted, why McMahon is afraid to compete with UFC, navigating politics in the top wrestling companies, McMahon being angry at the Samoans for almost jumping to WCW and taking it out on Rikishi, Rey Mysterio’s current standing in WWE, WCW drama, how to be blackballed from wrestling and more. The free podcast is available at

  • ##

    Wish I could take the 30 seconds back it took me reading about how this idiot’s idol smuggles drugs. If it was green than it’s o.k. in my book but other stuff I don’t like it.

  • scooter

    only a fuckong idiot would look up to a guy for smuggling drugs don’t get me wrong big fan of yoko but come on saying you look up to a guy because he smuggled drugs is the kind of thing 16 years olds say to look tough!

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    Surprised it wasn’t Hogan wanting him to come in to get his win back from King of the Ring ’93, like that bullshit Hogan/Warrior 2 at Halloween Havoc ’98.

  • Jon-Jon

    Yea, Yoko was a bigger start than a simple contract offer over the phone. He wanted to have a real meeting and a real discussion about his contract, but Eric was smply throwing money around to whoever wanted it without taking the time to really develop relationships with his talent, other than the few at the top who had their own creative control.

  • Stevie P

    @Bastion boogeyman, did you even read the article? He said he was offended with how Hall handled the situation. I would be too if that’s how it went down.

  • 1919dpg

    i wonder where he hid the drugs.. under his manboobs, rolls or ass? who would dare check.

  • Devil_Rising

    lol That’s funny that he calls Yoko “gangster” and talks about him smuggling drugs. Because everything I’ve ever heard about Yoko, was that other than his weight, he was one of the cleanest, and most certainly nicest people in the history of the business.