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Konnan Talks About Issues Eric Bishoff Had to Deal with in WCW

– In the latest episode of MLW Radio, Konnan talked about how he feels now about Eric Bischoff after their past issues in WCW. Konnan had the following to say.

“Eric was a dick, but imagine having to deal with Hogan, Nash, Hall, Ultimate Warrior, Luger and whoever else he had to deal with,” said Konnen. “Then you had these underneath rebels like Raven, myself and other guys. It was a b—h for him to have to run that company. Kevin Sullivan, Ric Flair, everyone had their cliques, everyone had their agendas, trying to one up each other. That’s just how it was. It was like a shark tank inside of a pressure cooker. It was dog eat dog, so it was very competitive. It was also very ugly.”

  • King Albert

    Konnan and Easy E are both gay for each other, why don’t they fuk live on TNA PPV.

  • Razo Power

    Not a crazy TNA fan but ppl got to understand Hogan/Bishoff ain’t gonna run down TNA, they don’t have the SAME power they did back in WCW . Now hit my Music…

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    The problem with WCW was that Eric gave way too much power to the wrestlers and spent money like crazy. They lost control and ratings near the end when Eric and Hogan just wanted to do things there way. I hope TNA doesn’t result the same painful death that WCW did due to Hogan and Bishoff

  • Stevie P

    LOL @ Ultimate Warrior. He was there for what? 2 months? I also think that Bischoff was the one who gave them those lucrative contracts that gave them more power so it’s really on him.