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Konnan Weighs In On Wrestling’s Drug Culture, What He Saw HBK Do At A Show

On this week’s episode of MLW Radio presented by, Konnan spoke about how much the culture has changed in the locker room since the 90s as well as past habits that later caused health issues.

“It was really hard [to stay clean] in the era I came in. It was like a party. The very first time I went to WWE for a dark match, Shawn Michaels was in the showers smoking a joint with Curt Hennig out in the open. There’s no way you could do that today. You used to have guys just shaking as they’d walk into a hotel. Just shaking from the somas and nobody really NARC’d on anybody.”

“I did have health issues from pain pills and anti-inflammatories and a whole bunch of other [stuff], but those are the two that really [messed] me up. A lot of vicodin.”

Also, Konnan, Court Bauer and Mister Saint Laurent shared stories about the best wing-men in wrestling, including hilarious road stories about Ted DiBiase, Scott Hall, Dean Malenko, Kevin Nash and more.

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  • Big Black Clock

    I always thought Michaels was a bong smoker

  • SYM

    No disrespect but from the sound of it Konnan just kinda said Mr. Perfect wasn’t so Perfect.

  • sam

    hold the phone Shawn Michaels did drugs, holy cow thats news to me

  • scooter

    Blaming someone else for your addictions is stupidity! Say what you want about Eddie Guerrero, Shawn Michaels and Jeff Hardy’s addictions but at least they always admitted they were the ones to blame!

  • chronoxiong

    Wow, HBK and Curt Hennig smoked together backstage? That’s news to me.

  • Greatest one

    He makes it sound like pot is worse then Vicodin. Thanks for the laughs

  • Dave

    Michaels had a reputation for living the life back in the 90s. But he got his life back on track, and I’m sure that had a lot to do with how he was able to make such a long and successful comeback from his back injury.

  • Nick

    I bet HBK smoked a big o’joint before his WM match with Taker.