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Kurt Angle Says 2011 Was A Subpar Year For TNA, Names The Next Main Eventers

Kurt Angle appeared on Busted Open, which airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on Sirius 92 and XM 208 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

2011 for TNA: “I think that 2011 was a subpar year, I think We did a lot of things right and a lot of things wrong. The most important thing I would say is the lack of communication within the writing and creative team. When you have a written show and you present that to everybody and then they start changing things and it becomes a watered down version of what the writer wanted in the first place. Now you don’t know which way to go. We do have a lot of chefs in the kitchen. I think that is the hardest part for our company because when Vince Russo is writing the show and you have Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff and a few other people and other TNA writers changing it up the last second which I don’t disagree with what Hogan says, I agree with him 100 percent.

“But we need to regroup earlier, maybe a week earlier and get it done, change it up, make sure we have the right changes so that we can keep going with the story the right way. So I think 2011 was a confusing year, so this is what we are going to capitalize on in 2012. We are not going to make the same mistakes. I think Hulk Hogan will get with to Vince Russo quicker, I think Eric Bischoff will get with Vince Russo quicker. We will get the show written, get it done a week earlier instead the day of the show, and changing it up. It was just very frustrating. Because I’m a little bit of part of everything in TNA and I watch what’s going on and sometimes I get a little frustrated when I see what Vince Russo is trying to do and I see what the outcome is.”

Bound For Glory: “We literally had a change in 2011 at Bound For Glory right before the match in the main event. In other words, somebody was supposed to win and it got turned to me winning that night. It worked out for the better, I’m not going to lie to you. So the change was good, but literally we didn’t hear about it until that night and me and Bobby Roode was like What?! I’m winning?! I have a torn hamstring and I can’t even wrestle.”

Samoa Joe: “We have not done Joe justice. Whether it had to do with an attitude problem an attitude change. In wrestling you have to play by the rule book. Joe was a little bit of a rebel. I think that might have hurt his cause. I believe Joe is rational. I think we can still make Joe a big star again. I think Joe is a full time main eventer. I think we need to do it now because if we don’t do it now it will never happen.”

The next main eventers: “AJ Styles was there for a while. And then we pulled him down which I didn’t agree with. Now we got AJ up there, Jeff Hardy is here, Robert Roode, James Storm. We’re starting to get to a point where these guys are going to start full time and Kurt Angle and Sting can dwindle off and retire. That’s what we need to happen and that’s what’s happening now and I’m glad because I don’t want to leave TNA and leave an open spot there. I cant wrestle forever. As a matter of fact I am already talking retirement. It’s about making guys and putting them in my spot and making sure they are secure there before I leave.”

  • venom

    It’s hard to believe Kurt because he is a liar. I will say Roode as champion is going into the right direction.

  • Nicholas G

    The problem with the WWE are not the current champions it is the way they are being used at this point. To me I rather CM Punk vs Ziggler feud go on without John in the middle. Because that story line has been done. An Bryan he don’t need to be taking cheap shot at Big Show he can beat him without any help. I also don’t like the whole Cena vs Kane feud at this moment don’t get that but to me in time WWE can fix all that I hope.

    But back to the whole TNA problems. To me guys like Hogan, Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle has turned me to where I don’t care what happens in TNA. The only thing I get tired of hearing or reading. Is how they are so much better then WWE when in fact they are worst. Right now TNA is WCW just with a different name. Guys like Angle should really talk about bad attitude to me some times I don’t think Angle really knows what he is talking about when it comes to Pro Wrestling. I mean when he said back in May that he brought the Ankle Lock submission to Pro Wrestling I said what an how wrestler should not be copy him. I said what is he talking about it was Ken Shamrock that started the whole Ankle Lock submission. To me Kurt Angle is just plain nuts. An the longer TNA keeps guys like this around not going to care what happen to TNA at this point. I wish TNA was as good as WWE but it is only a pipe dream at this point that will never happen.

  • Devil_Rising

    The real problem with TNA, from almost the beginning, has been focusing on the wrong guys as top stars. They bring in people and waste them. They spent big money to bring in RVD, treated him huge for the first little bit, with the TNA title run and everything…then he loses the belt unceremoniously, gets thrown in that stupid ECW reunion nonsense, and the next thing you know, he’s just a mid-carder, jobbing to Gunner.

    AJ Styles has been a top guy in that company for years, I don’t know what Kurt is talking about. He was an NWA World Heavyweight Champion long before Kurt came along. They squandered what they had with Ron Killings. They never pushed Christopher Daniels as a top guy. They really wasted what they had with Rhino. They really missed an opportunity to do better things than they did with Raven. They have wasted what they have with Samoa Joe.

    Instead, they’ve spent the last decade pushing former WCW and WWE guys. Jeff Jarrett. Sting. Scott Steiner (who can’t even really wrestle anymore). Hogan. Booker T. Nash. Ric Flair. The Dudley Boys. The New Age Outlaws. Mick Foley. Kurt Angle. Mr. Kennedy. Jeff Hardy. I mean really.

    They make the same mistakes when they push old established guys as top talent, and hold back young stars that have worked their asses off for them. I’m not TNA fan, never really have been, but I see what they’re doing, and it’s stupid. They finally get back around to making some new “young” stars…and who are they? Beer Money. No offense to Beer Money, but does anyone really want to see Animal and Hawk be top singles stars? I’m not saying they can’t do it, but they were better as a tag team.

    As much of a problem as I have with WWE over the last several years, I WILL say that they have made an earnest attempt to push some new young guys that actually matter. I’d rather see CM Punk and Bryan Danielson as champions, than Robert Roode or James Storm.

  • luckysalt

    TNA is a complete mess at the moment IMO.

    It needs a freshing up.
    The titles need to mean something, tag division is gone, TV title is worthless, Velvet’s win of the knockouts title was shit on after all the time they waited to give her the belt, Roode isn’t quite right as the top heel, he needs a valet and to go more towards his old heel gimmick, and Storm needs to decide exactly what face he is cus he’s about 5 rolled into one

    The one good thing is the push Gunner is getting.
    Crimson’s has been put to the side and now he’s tag champ.

    Joe definatly needs to be a monster again and get back up to world title level. Hardy needs to stay clean. Id love to see a Joe v Hardy fued for the title.

  • scooter

    The crazy thing about Joe is it seems as if just as he’s started to behave himself and shut up and do as he’s told they show no desire to make him a main event talent! I’m all for punishing guys for a bad attitude as I think its not fair on the guys who are busting their ass but their comes a time to wake up and smell the coco!

  • CC

    He goes on about Joe having an attitude and being a rebel etc, but I have never read a single bad report on Joe, or read stories where he is fucking up all the time, yet here is a guy who has slagged people off, got into stupid online twatter feuds, been a sloppy drunk douche, negotiated with WWE to up his asking price with TNA and he has the nerve to sat Joe has an attitude.

  • Nicholas

    I think guys like Angle are part of the problem. They say one thing an do another. The guy is a major two face and he don’t even see it which is more scare. I still think the reason why Angle went to TNA not only because of his injury and drugs habits. But that he didn’t want to put anybody over anymore. Because since Angle has gotten there haven’t seen him put anybody over put himself. Heck that is why a lot of those old WWE talent are there they don’t want to put anybody over. An I don’t have to read that on a wrestling website. I just look at who Angle has put over at a major PPV an it has not been to much. Yeah not all is Angle felt. But Angle has more stroke backstage where he could put more young guys over if he wants to but like I said don’t want to put anybody over which is why he is still in TNA.

    I love how all these old guys from WWE talk so much about what is wrong with TNA every end of the year. It is the same dam excuses yet this time next year you will hear the same dam thing.

    I don’t really think TNA will ever be anywhere close to WWE as much as people on the TNA marks may want to believe. To me TNA going up against WWE is only a pipe dream that is it.

  • ##

    I think Roode and Storm are the future. AJ seems lost like TNA itself. Watching it makes my stomach hurt even though I do every week like WWE programming. But when I watch WWE and ROH I sometimes don’t get that feeling. I wish ROH the funds to get the TNA originals back. TNA ios like 3d somestimes you get nauseated and have to give yourself a break every 10 to 15 minutes. THIS COMING FROM SOMEONE WHO” LOVED WRESTLING FOR over 20 YEARS!!!

  • Second City Saints


  • Valo487

    It seems like everyone in TNA talks about how great the company is in the moment, then three months later all of a sudden “Yeah we made some mistakes…” I wish they’d be honest with themselves, the company will never improve until they admit there are problems that need to be fixed, then actually try to fix them. Admitting it then ignoring it doesn’t accomplish anything

  • Tombstonepildriver

    Subpar year huh? Well no shit sherlock.

  • JIR

    Very rational way of thinking Kurt kudos to you now lets see if it happens