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Kurt Angle Accuses WWE of Taking Ideas from TNA

– TNA star Kurt Angle is accusing WWE of taking ideas from TNA after he saw the storyline with AJ Lee and John Cena, referring to TNA’s recent Claire Lynch storyline. Angle tweeted:

“WWE production team using @EBischoff’s innovative multi-camera backstage filming technique with OneManBand segment?”

“Staged “affair” between AJ Lee & @JohnCena, w/date pic & hotel video? WWE outright lifting TNA concepts?”

Angle sent the tweets to TNA staffer Anthony Maurizio and President Dixie Carter.

  • ChrisDV


    I did read your comment – TNA did all of that within weeks of the WWE doing the angles first, or in the case of the Screwjob, purely to try & undermine Bret’s WWE return. Don’t complain about the WWE running a similar angle shortly after TNA ended a similar one, when TNA have outright copied angles that were ongoing on WWE TV at the time.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    Every wrestling storyline has been redone before and tweaked with, So I don’t get the big deal. There might be a handful of storylines that haven’t been touched yet but there’s a good reason for that when we’ve seen Vince being killed off twice, JR being set on fire by Kane and Triple having sex with Kane’s dead girlfriend.


    @ chris DV:
    Oh and if you read your internet news as much as some on here you would know why they did a recreation of the montreal screwjob when bret came back.I have no doubt if you look hard enough you could come up with examples where Tna did copy off of WWE during angles and right after, but WWE should be above that since they are the big fish in the pond. Bottom line is WWE writers suck and they all need to be fired. They need some new blood with fresh angles in there.


    @ ChrisDV:

    I did not dispute every wrestling company copies eachother….I just stated that WWE did it at around the same time the storylines were finishing up at TNA and that is bad ethics in my opinion. Please do yourself a favor and slowly read peoples’ comments so that u can fully comprehend them, before putting your two cents in. There seems to be a plague on the internet of people who don’t fully read things before getting all worked up.

  • ChrisDV


    Like when TNA did a recreation of the Montreal Screwjob when Bret Hart returned to the WWE?
    Or when they blatantly copied the Nexus with EV2.0 & Fourtune?
    Or when they repackaged B.G. & Kip James into a D-X clone when Shawn Michaels & Triple H reunited?

    And that’s off the top of my head.


    You guys are misunderstanding kurt. It isnt that the storylines have never been done before,It is that WWE is doing them directly right after TNA did them. It just seems kind of odd that within a month or so WWE would do an “Affair” angle directly after TNA did. Granted TNA had to scrap the angle because the actress Bailed but still it is bad business to copy the competitions’ storyline so shortly after.

  • c-Town Boy

    didn’t TNA rip off NEXUS storyline and made Ace’s and Eights?
    WWE ripped off TNA’s rock and rave with 3man band it happens in the wrestling business.


    Shut the hell up you WWE fanboys stop disrespecting Kurt Angle for brining to light WWE’s theivery of TNA’s storylines KURT is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and he won a freakin GOLD MEDAL what have you done? nothing…

  • Hunter

    Re the hotel- Kurt Angle must have forgotten all of those GTV segments back in the late 90’s.

  • Bob

    wow kurt angel just needs to shut his mouth….obviously he forgot about all the story line affairs they had with vince and sable.. i cant remember all the others its been at least 5 of them but her name sticks out the most….the divas come and go faster than coach purses on a clearance rack at walmart….

  • xXx

    kurt, drop the booze….

  • Snitsky7

    If wwe steals from tna it would be more like tna giving back what they borrowed for the past decade.

  • a heyman guy

    ive been watching and waiting on angles tritter to post hack messages LOL

  • SYM

    honestly, do people actually read or give a shit what Drunkroid says anymore?

  • Joe

    TNA also didn’t create the fake affair storyline. What a weird argument from Kurt.

  • really

    Well I guess that explains the rating slump then.

  • ChrisDV

    The 3MB segment was clearly supposed to be mimicking the sort of interview you’d see on MTV or VH1. All Bischoff did was bring that style to pro-wrestling.
    Likewise, TNA weren’t the first company to do an affair storyline, and the date/picture idea is just modernising the angle for the smart phone age.

    Besides, if the 3MB segment ripped anyone off, it was The Simpsons with Mahal’s “I’m the funny one of the group” pretty much being directly lifted from the Bee Sharps episode.

  • Diesel

    Yeah because WWE stole TNAs ideas, this is wrestling it happens all the time:

    The Attitude Era was ripped off from ECW
    TNA tried to cash in ECW by doing “Hardcore Justice” and bringing all those guys back
    Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase > JBL > Alberto Del Rio
    Ryback is another Goldberg wannabe
    TNA turned Shark Boy into an Austin rip off
    HHH in 1999/2000 was just a rip off from Shane Douglases gimmick in ECW

    And so on and so forth

    Bottom line this is pro wrestling Kurt, Itll never change. Besides we fans could say YOU stole The Patriots entrance music (and Mark Henry’s I believe) so who are you to talk? lol

  • DFlo

    Wrestling has been around so long, almost every storyline is recycled. And I’m sorry, but Bishcoff didn’t create multi-camera filming technique. Just because he used it, doesn’t mean he invented it.

  • Prince

    I honestly doubt that anyone runnings things in WWE actually watches TNA. They probably don’t give a shit. Why would they? WWE is the better product, and there’s no danger of that changing. Kurt is delusional. And it’s 3MB not the one man band.

  • jimbo jones

    Except WWE is using their own talent and not paying some outside actress who cant act to begin with!

  • ajdimick

    WWE does not rip off tna storylines. Ive actually watched tna and its funny cause when I watch I sit there and say hmmm, I feel like I saw this same exact story happen back in the attitude era of WWE. Tna built their company with stealing WWE ideas. Not to mention half the roster is ex WWE. So how is WWE stealing ideas from tna?

  • Jake

    What happened to the other two sides of your ring, and like 4 of the past TNA champions Kurt??.

  • Nick

    I’d say sometimes I feel as if WWE steals ideas from soap ophras

  • Nick

    Even if WWE took TNA’S idea, WWE does it better

  • Nick

    Don’t read anything kurt write, because the next day, news say:
    1) he was druck
    2) he was hacked