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Kurt Angle Addresses Failed Olympic Bid At TNA Show, BFG Series Update, More

– After defeating Magnus to earn seven points in the Bound For Glory Series at TNA Wrestling’s BaseBrawl event in Washington, Pennsylvania on Saturday, Kurt Angle addressed the audience about his failed attempt to make this year’s United States Olympic wrestling team.


In another Bound For Glory Series match result, Mr. Anderson defeated Magnus today in Akron, Ohio via submission to earn ten additional points, according to TNA Wrestling Dixie Carter’s Twitter account.

– Rarely used TNA wrestler Mark Haskins recently got engaged to fellow British wrestler Vicky Skeeles. Skeeles was briefly under developmental contract to WWE in 2010.

(source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • SYM

    @CC I’m right there with you, but I think u went a little too far. In my eyes Kurt has nothing to prove, nothing to gain, but all the respect to Lose. I feel he just really needs to Retire take a WWE HOF ring and enjoy his life. If he retired tomorrow I would still say he had one of the best careers. But if he decides to stick around like Hogan or Flair, then his career is diminished.

  • CC

    Its a shame whats become of Kurt Angle. Once upon a time he was only ever talked about positively as one of the great upcoming talents, then main event talents in WWE and wrestling during the early 2000s. People talked about his five star matches and his excellent promos, but now it doesnt matter how good his matches are or how funny or intense his promos are, all he gets talked about for is how much of a train wreck his life and personal character have become.
    The whole twatter “hacking” debacle. His drunk driving convictions and his constant lies that he wasnt drunk or driving drunk, then pleads guilty. His ever changing comments as to whether he would go back to WWE, one minute saying he will one day, the next saying he would never even consider it. His deluded belief that at his age and physical condition, he could once again make it into the Olympics.
    Ok, so the dirt sheets have a lot to do with the negativity towards him these days, but all the damage that has been done to his rep has been caused by Kurt himself.

    I just wish we could go back to the days when Kurt let his in ring work do the talking.
    I think his autobiography was a perfect example of how big headed he actually was, and a pointer to him not being all there, but at least at that point in his life people could overlook that kind of arrogance as he was on top of his game. Now, he is damaged goods in many peoples eyes.
    A great wrestler and entertainer, but more talked about for his failings rather than his achievements.

  • Angry Benny

    I have to agree, like he’s got a chip on his shoulder, he’s done so much for Tna, the Main Event Mafia was fun while it lasted, I remember when he first came to Tna, but now he seems bitter and not the same, but I guess time will do that, he needs to finish up in WWE and HOF, and maybe make some crappy B-class movies that I will watch on Netflix when I’m bored and stoned

  • SYM

    I miss the Milk and Cookies loving Kurt Angle. The Current Angle reminds me of Bret Hart, bitter.

  • Bill

    Kurt should just focus on his pro-wrestling career & keeping a good image, as he’s going to retire in a few years, if I’m correct. I say he should return to WWE one last time.

  • Mr. Wrestling

    Why is this in the WWE section?

  • Bb

    Failed Kurt sadly