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– On his match last night, Kurt Angle tweeted the following:

“Despite redislocating my ribs and getting stiched up the match was awesome tonight!”

“But…I am the best wrestler in the world and I don’t do politics. If Hogan doesn’t want the best I’m done.”

“I proved I am the best.Screw hogan! Politics will effect wrestling.Why would hogan pick a kid like jeff?I eat sleep and sh#t wrestling. B.S.”

– In reaction to last night’s TNA PPV, Dixie Carter simply tweeted “Unbelievable.”

  • Hardcore Hardy

    well, hardy turning into a heel was good, but TNA could give jeff a push so he’d become more popular to give that no good john cena a competition. now tna doesn’t have any very popular baby face like cena, orton or like jeff hardy used to be.

  • Hardcore Hardy

    tna is now better than wwe

  • fisher

    BFG AWESOME bit dissapointed with they being hogan bischoff etc, Hardy turn was good think tna could of really upped the shock value with they being abyss,jarrett, hardy, and dixie. after all that happened between jarrett and angle and dixie they really could of gone somewhere with that, one problem with that, Dixie not great on mic.

  • AG

    wcw all over again!

  • Sexton Hardcastle

    Thank you squiggy, from one wrestling fan to another, it is a relief to see an intelligent comment on here for once. I my self am a wrestling fan of 22 years, and some of my earliest memory’s are sitting with my grandpa on Saturday nights watching wrestling. Oh, and what about the KliQ?

    I aint sayin… I’m just sayin…

  • Evasion

    Isn’t Kurt supposed to retire now that he has lost?

  • squiggy

    Oh and i forgot to say well put Mr. hardcastle, i totally agree with what you said.If you don’t like what you see on a any certain wrestling show, then turn it off and quit watching it.Also quit coming into there headlines and dogging them if you hate them so much…its as simple as that lol

  • squiggy

    well sexton hardcastle I, being a wrestling fan for over 30 years can tell you that yes there were quite a few great “heel factions” as you say, only back then they were call stables or groups before the era of the smart marks lol j/k. Off the top of my head i can think of a few.. the fabulous freebirds, the four horsemen featuring the great one ric flair and the million dollar corporation.One of my fav. was a little know faction from world class wrestling i believe called devastation inc. back in the late 80’s which had 2 very young unknowns you may know now as mick foley and steve austin…good times good times.

  • nutmonster

    maybe hardy sounds like a zombie on the mic from all the drugs duhhhhhhh dyeeee duuhhhhhh lol

  • sexton hardcastle

    Keep in mind that there is a whole generation of wrestling fans that weren’t around at the time of the infamous hogan heel turn. There’s a whole generation of wrestling fans who didn’t see the NWO. They don’t know this has all been done before I’m sure there were heel factions before the NWO that we have no idea about and NWO was a rip off of them. And if you cant understand that then at least think about this; Why doesn’t that same generation of fans deserve memory’s of their own great heel faction like the memories we have of the NWO?

    I anit sayin… I’m just sayin…

  • THEY


  • The Anti-Cena

    All i can say is no matter wha the result of the BFG main event was the guns and gen me stole the show. but i dont mean to be the guy who says he new what would happen from the begining but it was slightly predictable. i mean COME ON! with sting and nash going on about hogan and bichoff diception and so on you new as soon as jarret left joe in that ring hogan and bichoff were “they”. BUT TNA picked the wrong guy anderson would have been a much better heel than hardy who has the mic skills of a zombie. for once i am dissapointed at the great company that is TNA

  • TomC

    Honestly, what HAVEN’T we already seen throughout the years? It’s pretty much ALL been done in one way or another – all they do is rehash it.


    I’ll have to give credit to TNA for the Hardy heel turn, but Bischoff and Hogan running a heel faction? WE’VE ALREADY SEEN THIS PEOPLE!!!!

  • jason ryans

    i think the ultimate tna match would be rvd vz rhyno vz dreamer vz stevie vz raven vz sabu in a ev2 hardcore deatch match first one to get a pinfall geta the new tna hardcore title

  • jason ryans

    the feud will between hardy,jarret,aybss,ink ink,and rob terry vz joe,pope,sting,rvd,anderson yes a 6 on 5 feud hogan and bichoff will be just managers!

  • sexton hardcastle

    Wow bitch bitch bitch that you want new, hardy being top heel is new, and yet you still bitch. WOW, just…wow.

    I aint sayin, Im just syain…

  • Al

    also, dixie had the dumbess look on her face when jeff turned heel. she should stay off tv

  • Al

    the machine guns rock, and ur a dumb a$$

  • kayfabe

    please ban that dumbass troll kill cena haters

  • Ronald

    ::yawn:: Worked shoots? Really? Did I go to sleep and wake up in 1999??? Bischoff, Hogan and Russo…. get a clue.

  • kill cena haters

    ok im going to say this again mcmg fucking suucks

  • TomC

    Actually, I think this would be an EXCELLENT opportunity to turn AJ back to babyface, as well as Matt Morgan. TNA could finally push Morgan as a babyface fan favorite – he COULD be a great TNA champion (as opposed to the bumbling fool they’ve depicted him as over the last year).

  • TomC

    It will be interesting to see what the storylines will be with/between “They” and “Fortune.” I mean, they’re BOTH heel factions – so who’s left for the babyfaces … Sting, RVD, Anderson, Pope, Joe ??

    Heels are fun to watch as antagonists, for sure … but let’s be real here, the fans LOVE their heroes.

  • Soulshroude

    Terry didn’t pick Jeff, Kurt. Dixie and the writers did. More storyline from Kurt. Good luck with that ironic “angle” Angle! Hmmm. Come to think of it. “Kurt” Curt: ADJECTIVE: 1. Rudely brief or abrupt, as in speech or manner. curtly, curtness, curter, curtest
    Angle: INTRANSITIVE VERB: 1. To fish with a hook and line.

    Yeah, ironic name for an intelligent wrestlers gimmick name. More storyline to come from TNA. Even though it is his REAL name.

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