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Kurt Angle Apologizes to Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin for Earlier Comments

– Kurt Angle apologized for his earlier comments about Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels on Twitter. We noted earlier that Angle ranted about several topics on Twitter Tuesday night and said that he became a Superstar in 1 year while it took Austin and Michaels 15 years.

Angle wrote Wednesday afternoon:

“I Do Want to Apologize to Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin for My Comment.Without them I Would Have never had my Opportunity in Pro Wrestling”

  • Alex Smith

    Jason just die!! Don’t threaten anybody over the Internet…like seriously who does that. Shows how dim witted you are. btw kill yourself!

  • Jason

    Alex and CC, I’ll tell you what, I will take you both on. Where do you live Alex? I will come find you

  • Alex Smith

    Jason go f*ck yourself. I’ve been reading your stupid comments on this website for awhile. better bet kill yourself. i don’t wish death on anybody but you are truly a waste of a life. Moron!

  • Jason

    I went to the UK and told you a week before hand on this very site and I saw nothing of you when I was there. What happened? Was Don west’s prices to high for you to come and meet me? I was standing right next to him through out the night and saw nothing of you.

  • CC

    Jason, come to England, tell me when you are here and I will come meet you cause I want to see what kind of big child tries to make threats on the internet.
    Go back to sucking on Hogans saggy tits you internet tough guy.

  • Jason’s mom

    Jason leave your father alone before he beats your ass again! CC I’m sorry honey.

  • Jason

    CC still waiting for that face to face moment between us. It seems you don’t have the balls. You would not happan to be a girl would you?

  • CC

    Simple fact is, as big as Angle is in this business, he will never be as well known in or out of the business as Austin and Michaels.
    While I am sure those that follow amateur wrestling will know who he is, and anyone who is obsessed with the olympics, but on a worldwide basis, he is a minor player.

    I loved Kurt during his WWE days, but these days all I do is pity him.
    Its nothing to do with him being in a tin pot company like TNA, just pure and simply based on how his mental faculties have become so impaired. He has always been his own biggest fan (just read his old WWE autobiography to see that), but this back and forwards slagging off then apologising or denying it was him is pretty pathetic.


    Why the fuck is this in WWE, no one gives a fuck bout Kurt… Hel is old news

  • MJ

    Kurt’s a Drunk Oh it’s TRUE it’s TRUE!

  • Dhane Benjamin

    If this was really Kurt, you gotta give the man credit for being real about it. He got a major push since his debut in WWE and any of the top dogs could have prevented that from happening if they felt like it…and they did not. It takes a big man to humble himself and admit that.

  • Davey Zoo

    Someone definateley hacked him this time if he is apologising. I love Kurt.

  • TG

    Angle amateur background and winning the Olympics helped that early success a lot. The guy is good but he won’t ever be considered the greatest ever unless he had another run at WWE. Btw I feel Shawn Michaels holds the title.

  • Logan

    I wonder who would win in a Twitter rant match Kurt Angle vs. Chyna.

  • Dave

    Kurt needs to learn that alcohol and Twitter do not mix.