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Kurt Angle Apologizes For Slamming WWE’s Top 50, Impact Rating Decreases

— Kurt Angle has apologized to WWE for slamming their “Top 50 Superstars of All Time” list earlier this week, where he was ranked No. 34.

“Want to Apologize to Everyone that I disrespected with My Comments about Wwe’s Rankings,” he wrote Friday night on Twitter. “I truly Am Proud to Be in Top 50. Thank U 2 Wwe.”

The TNA World Heavyweight Champion wrote on Thursday: “I was No. 34 of WWE all-time greatest? Tell you what, take me off the list. I’d rather not be on it if I wasn’t top five. Who ranks wrestlers?”

— The September 1 episode of Impact Wrestling garnered a 1.06 cable rating, down from 1.21 the week before. The program averaged approximately 1.4 million viewers compared to 1.622 million last week.

Recent ratings: August 18 (1.05), August 11 (1.07), August 4 (1.14),


  • JOE

    @studdog that’s because their hypocrites and lames. Two bad combinations smh.

  • Sean Mooney

    I suggested it because he seems to shake (noticeably bad) every single time he’s cutting a promo. Muhammad Ali is the only notable case I’ve heard of from getting Parkinson’s disease from too many hits to the head. I know Angle isn’t a boxer and wrestlers don’t take shots in the head the way boxers do, but I’m thinking with the all the German suplexes, the way Angle wrestles, not to mention his painkiller addiction and any other drugs he’s done, if he’s done some serious neurological damage. I hope I’m wrong, but he keeps looking worse and worse.

  • StudDog

    I dont think you get parkinsons from hits to the head, I think it is a disease (I could be wrong)

    Funny how some people say they are so tired of hearing about Matt Hardy, Then the same people cant stop talking about him even when the story has nothing to do with Matt.

  • venom

    @Sean Mooney

    I’ll have to watch TNA to notice, which probably isn’t anytime soon.

  • Sean Mooney

    Has anybody noticed*

  • Sean Mooney

    Has snybody noticed how much Kurt shakes when he’s on the mic cutting a promo? I’m worried he’s getting Parkinson’s disease from all the hits to the head in his career. Just watch him whenever he holds the mic, very bad shaking (his hand and his face)…

    Oh and alcohol and twitter is not a good combination.

  • Nicholas G

    Like I said once already. The list was voted on by the wrestler them self. Which tells you his peers are not to found of Kurt Angle. To me Kurt Angle is very much in the Hulk Hogan class. What I mean guys with big egos and only out for them self. Say what you will about John Cena but I feel that John Cena has way better class then both Hogan and Kurt Angle put together. An I am not even a big fans of Cena but respect the fact that he has so much more respect from him peers and tells you just maybe Cena is doing something right. While Angle and Hogan just will never get over them self.

  • CC

    At the end of the day, there have been a lot of talented wrestlers through out the history of WWE/WWF, but there have been a lot less superstars. Superstars are not based on their in ring ability, its how big they were in the grand scheme of things, and how much the fans react to them.
    Guys like Cena, Orton and Hogan etc are not great wrestlers, and have probably as many people who hate them as love them, but when it comes down to recognition and how much heat they get (positive and negative), you would have to say that they are near the top of any list, just as Taker, Rock, Austin, Flair, HHH and HBK are.
    Angle is certainly a top superstar, and certainly a great wrestler, but there are so many more guys through out the history of WWE/WWF who were bigger than him, no matter how he feels about it.
    Mick Foley was never a great wrestler, but what he did during his career outweighs Kurts contribution, yet he ranks only one place ahead of Kurt, and is happy to have even been put on the list.
    You can tell that the difference between Foley and Angle is that Foley understands the business more, and isnt bat shit crazy.

  • me

    TBH, kurt should probably be in the top 50, but he’s lucky he was as high as 34 IMO, and he needs to quit being a whiny little bitch faggot because he’s gonna end up like matt hardy.

  • Yay

    Hogan, Flair & Austin would have to be the top 3 based on drawing ability. Kurt, Bret & Shawn top 3 ring wise. thats my opinion & i’m sticking to it

  • RUSTanator

    its top 50 superstars not wrestlers.

    if the rankings where based on technical ability then kurt would be up there with bret, perfect, benoit etc heck even dean malenko would make the top ten on wrestling ability.

    but other than being the first olympic medalist in a professional wrestling company he hasnt done anything much that wouldnt have been written / pushed on another superstar.

  • Eric Nixon

    While it’s kind of rude for Kurt to say something himself, he’s right. 34? For Christ’s sake, John Cena, Jerry Lawler and Dusty Rhodes are above him. You’re telling me those three are better than Kurt Angle. I would probably Kurt in the top three, with Bret Hart and HBK.

  • venom

    Kurt Angle is another guy that should stay away from the internet. I’m surprised there is no articles about The Hardys today.

  • CC

    More shit from Kurt again … the guy is fucking out of his mind.

  • venom

    When the budwiser wore off, he realized what he said. I would say he deserves to be in the top 20, but not top 5.

  • Tommy

    Of there you go Kurt. That’s the problem with twitter and all these things. They say what they want and then they come back crying with excuses.


  • hardlyaaron

    Kurt, didn’t your mother ever tell you to think before you speak?

  • Ronni

    He could always say to Vince that his account was hacked

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Haha smart move Kurt, try and keep that door open for when TNA goes under.

  • renz

    very poor ratings wise! then again storylines arent great either