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Kurt Angle Claims He Is Better Than Top WWE Names, Ziggler on Radio Show

– Dolph Ziggler was on WBOS-FM 92.9 in Boston on Friday night pushing the Night of Champions pay-per-view event. Ziggler stayed in character during the segment and introduced a few songs that he picked out.

– Kurt Angle recently hit Twitter to deliver a message about on wrestling abilities clearly to top WWE names.

“I Whipped Robbie E in 40 Seconds. I’m The Best In Wrestling today. Not Orton or Cena or CM Punk. I Am the Best. And I’m TNA!”

“I’m the Best Ever.”

  • JohnCena33



  • Randy

    Who remembers Angle (face) vs Austin (heel) that was a funny feud! Miss those moments.

  • Rated R

    So it does not matter that CM Punk knows all these fighting styles, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jujitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. But yeah i get where your coming from Kurt Angle could well have Punk in a real fight lol

  • adam

    In a real fight i still say punk would win becasue he know more fighting styles…Also since when is thsi a real fight its wrestling its fake. Unless some of you didnt know that. Its all about who is the bigger draw at the moment if he comes in to wwe right now yea he will get a big reaction but orton and punk are the top 2 faces along with cena they would get the wins over kurt. I mean if cena beat a returning lesnar when they were trying to bill him as an ass kicker what would orton and punk do to angle the same damn thing. ITS TRUE IS DAMN TRUE. oh wait i forgot he’s in tna its real its damn real.

  • ant

    @Little Jimmy Angle has wrestled EVERYONE and EVERYWHERE from Japan to the Olympics to Mexico i mean the guys did it all and held every championship u can think of LITERALLY and he could put on a great match with any type of wrestler u can think of i mean the Joe/Angle match at Lockdown 2008 was incredible but hes had great matches with AJ Styles,RVD,Mr Anderson,Sting,Jeff Jarrett,etc so how can u say hes not the best

  • ant


  • Gorilla

    Kurt also claimed he was going to return too olympics and bring a medal home

  • SYM

    I love how you guys a ripping on Angle saying “Orton and Punk would beat you Silly” or “You Tweet to Much” like Shut The Fuck up. You all rode his Dick when he was in WWE and most of you still do. I for one think Angle is probably one of the Greatest Wrestlers in Todays Pro Wrestling industry. He performs Solid every match. He doesn’t give us kicks or Flips or pandering. He WRESTLES! He would have a Great Match with Orton, Hes better than Cena, and even I a CM Punk fan has to admit that Punk’s not yet on Angle’s level.

  • poko

    As far as pure wrestling ability, the TNA roster is every bit as good as the (active) WWE roster, and perhaps a bit better. In-ring skill isn’t really the primary thing the WWE looks for, at least not solely.

    Angle has said some dumb things on twitter, but this particular tweet is no big deal. Since he referenced the Robbie E. fight, it seems that this is “in character”, which means that it’s no different from Punk or Jericho calling themselves the best. Nothing to get excited over. Just some self-promotion, which is what wrestling is all about.

    And, yeah, in character or out, he can probably out-wrestle the guys he mentioned.

  • King Albert

    Adam sucks black dicks.

  • King Albert

    Maybe in 2000 he was good, not now, he’s hiding behind twitter with all the wwe rejects.

  • Whatever

    comes out with his theme…. you suck! you suck! you suck! you suck!

  • Little Jimmy

    @ Any well he has had mini feuds with some of the the younger and less experienced guys some of them suck some of them don’t.

    But exactly my point is he’s restricted because he’s feuded with like all of the roster various times. To me that does not really make you the best in the world, He’s one of the greatest in the last 15-20 years without a doubt but Kurt bigging himself up like that is very up for dispute. I liked his Samoa Joe feud back in the day though in TNA, That is one feud I wouldn’t mind seeing again. However that’s just my opinion.

  • ant

    favorite Angle match was against Shawn Michaels at WM 21 that match stole the show and it was classic i mean that match is one of those matches thats totally underrated like WM 21 would have been nothing without that match

  • YES! 3X

    By “those 3 guys” I meant Cena, Orton, and Punk. Not HBK, Eddie Guerrero, and Benoit. HBK, Guerrero, and Benoit, like Angle, also have a ton of classic matches.

  • ant

    @YES! 3X thanks for having some sense on this site and telling it like it is cuz bottom line is Kurt Angle in that ring is one hell of a wrestler and considering all the injuries hes had the fact that the guy can STILL put on a great 4-5 star match is just a testemant to how great of a wrestler he is

  • ant

    Kurt Angle is the BEST TECHNICAL WRESLER IN THE WORLD plain and simple stop arguing about something you know is true i mean when had Kurt Angle EVERRRRR not delivered a good match i cant think of any at all

  • YES! 3X

    And wrestling-wise Kurt Angle is better than those 3 guys. He was one of the few men who could hang with the likes of Shawn Michaels, Eddie Guererro, Chris Benoit, etc. And he’s had more 5 star matches than those 3 guys combined. Sure he’s lost some of his steam but from 2002 to around 2006 the guy pretty much never had a bad match.

  • YES! 3X

    @Adam. Actually CM Punk and Randy Orton wouldn’t stand a chance against Kurt Angle in a real fight. You’re talking about a olympic gold metalist in real wrestling against 2 stuntmen. Im not Angle’s biggest fan but he probably knows a thousand different ways to take someone off their feet or twist them like a pretzel. Otherwise he wouldn’t have that gold metal. If anything Cena would last the longest because of his freakish streangth and larger size.

  • ant

    @adam youre an idiot plain and simple kurt has feuded with orton in the past and kicked the shit out of him and kurt CAN outwrestle CM Punk on his worst day @Bill theres noone PRESENT DAY that can outwrestle Kurt NOBODY and dont you dare say CM Punk cuz Kurts been doing this since CM Punk was still a freshmen in high school @Little Jimmy only an idiot would say guys that Kurts feuded with like AJ Styles,Samoa Joe,Jeff Jarrett,and Sting are inexperienced

  • Dick Cockwrinkle

    W-E needs to post the rest of his tweets or not at all, he actually goes on to explain it more but of course this site does everything half-assed and always get stories wrong.

  • Soulshroude

    Robbie E isn’t Orton, Cena or CMPunk, he is a friggin jobber, if that.

  • Little Jimmy

    He would be if he was in WWE, but in TNA he just feuds against either Inexperianced guys who couldn’t make it past FCW and guys who he’s feuded against like 5-6 times already.

  • nnac

    who cares anyway… come back to wwe

  • Bill

    Not that Kurt only “claimed” it. It doesn’t mean it’s true. Plus, as of present day, he’s not the best wrestler in the world. Maybe around 2002-2004, but not now.

  • Stevie P

    He was obviously hacked again.

  • GoldStandard

    “Then”? Wow fix the title, Middleton.

  • ##

    Kurt Angle “The Best Ever”? It’s hard to argue with that except when you think about guys by the name of Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart.

  • Hes got a bicycle

    Kurt Angel vs Heath Slater at Wresltemania 29.
    Book it Mr. McMahon!

  • Razo Power

    Yes u are the best in the world, number1, T-weeting N-onstop A-ngle

  • adam

    Also beating robbie E in 40 seconds isnt a accomplishment he is a zack ryder rip off who shouldnt be given as much time on tv as he is.

  • adam

    Ok wrestling wise yes kurt you are better then cena. Orton and punk would beat you silly. If you think you can beat them then lay off the drugs pain killers and stop getting arested and go back to WWE and prove it. Or is this another one of your drunken oh i never said that twitter moments.

  • manic

    Prove it then kurt