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Kurt Angle Comments on His New TNA Deal, Helping TNA’s Younger Stars, More

– Kurt Angle recently spoke with Here are some highlights:

The Olympics:
“After Atlanta (1996), I wanted to take a break. Then I got caught up in pro-wrestling. I was going to try-out in 2004 but I broke my neck. Before 2008 I went a divorce and was at a really difficult time in my life. I’m a very competitive person. With the UFC I needed three to six months to get ready. They wanted me ready in four and a half weeks. I wanted to do it under my terms. A lot of people were saying ‘Kurt said he was going to fight but he didn’t. He backed out six different times and he’s going to back out of the Olympics’. No I’m not – because this is under my terms.”

His new TNA deal:
“I’m going to start going part time. I’m at a point in my career where TNA can’t afford me to be travelling around and getting injured at house shows when they need me on TV. If I want to perform the way I do and steal the show every time I wrestle I have to be 100% healthy and we are both in agreement on that.”

Helping TNA’s younger stars:
“When you’re on your way out you want to make the younger guys more popular. You want to put these guys over and that’s where I am with my career. Look at James Storm, Robert Roode, Crimson, Amazing Red, Kazarian, Mr Anderson, The Pope. We’re starting to get the Brits where they need to be. Desmond Wolfe, Magnus or Doug Williams – one of those three are going to end up being World Champion. They’re great technicians, they’re great in the ring, and they’ve got a lot of charisma. Those are the kind of guys I want to help.”

  • Nicholas G

    Like Kurt Angle really had any choice it is not like WWE is knocking at his door anymore. I said it once an I will say it over again WWE really has no interest what so every in Kurt Angle, Hogan, and any other of those old WWE talent. An those guys know it. I tell you if Vince Mac really threw enough money Kurt Angle way he would go back to WWE in a heart beat. Oh don’t get me Vince Mac wouldn’t let Kurt Angle only work part time. Because guess what almost all the big name wrestler like HHH and Undertaker are working only part time. An heck they could have give Kurt Angle the same type of deal they have given Kevin Nash but like I said WWE has no interest in Angle. Also Angle recent bashing with Randy Orton really show Angle true colors an how the only person he looks out for is Kurt Angle. Oh don’t get me he put guy over like Joe and AJ because those guys were already over long before Angle got there. In fact don’t really see anybody young Kurt Angle has put over in TNA which is also one of the many reason why he is in TNA so he don’t have to put young talent over.

    In closing Kurt Angle really had only 1 option that was to resign with TNA. So lets not make it out that Kurt Angle had any other place to go. WWE don’t want Kurt Angle and don’t need him at all what so every.

  • Deviant

    Personally think angles poiting out that since the british bulldog wrestling really hasnt had a decent british representative who been a gd all rounder to compete at championship level (character mic skills technical skills etc
    and he finally sees that in williams and wolf
    as a brit i think majority of our wrestlers have been lacklustre performers bar possibly regal whos chracter worked well of the 3 mentioned i see williams as the most outstanding and promising

  • venom

    As much as Kurt Angle has been screw up and a liar recently, he his good at helping younger talent. He made Joe and Styles look really good before Hogan took over. As far as the Brit comment, I don’t see how that is offensive.

  • JIR

    Kurt just admitted that the guys on the way out need to push and encourage the next generation. So why are Hogan and Flair still around?

  • rICH

    I like how people disrespect a legend like kurt angle..fuckin morons

  • CC

    Nothing wrong with saying the Brits (yes, I’m English). Its just a shortened version of saying The British guys. Dont see how anyone can get offended by it.

    Yes, I think that Kurt is off his rocker thinking he can compete at his age with the amount of damage his body has taken over the years, but I dont see that he said anything wrong by saying The Brits.
    In fact, I’d say that pointing out that those three are Brits should make us prouder that they are starting to get some world wide recognition, even if it is in TNA.

  • cheesehandler

    @finallythekingjoinsin must be a Brit…or a bitch…idk…either way sounds like a girl to me

  • Juggalo

    ^^ You’re an idiot and your grammar is terrible. I don’t believe anything else has to be said. Kurt didn’t say anything negative about anyone, and he mentioned oh 7 other wrestlers before the Brits? And I think he more meant that the Brits have paid their dues, Wolf and Williams are awesome technical wrestlers, on par with Kurt’s skills, and I believe that is what he was getting at.

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    Y they gotta b Brits? huh kurt? Y? We dont call u dumb white guy who works at a company where his wife left him to screww the boss an ended up marrying him which puts such a spin on the whole damn situation an look really bad however u look at it. They cant jus b wrestlers they gotta b brits. U labeling folks so im labeling u