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Kurt Angle Compares Samoa Joe to Benoit, Crimson Promotes BaseBrawl

– This morning TNA wrestler Crimson was on WREG-TV in Memphis, TN to promote Saturday night’s BaseBrawl event at AutoZone Park.

– During the latest Impact Wrestling Post Show, Kurt Angle noted that Samoa Joe is very similar to Chris Benoit.

“[Samoa] Joe and I know how to trade off submissions really well,” Angle said. “I compare Joe… he’s a much bigger type of Chris Benoit, he had that ability. He knows how to trade off submissions, he knows a lot of submissions. I enjoy wrestling Joe because it’s such a challenge.”

  • CC

    I can sorta see the Taz comparisons, but to be fair even during his ECW prime, I never rated Taz that much. Yeah, when it came to submissions and suplexes he was good, but beyond that I never enjoyed his in ring work. I think it was his promos that really made him so far over, but outside of ECW and the indy circuit, he was never gonna be able to stretch his promo muscles, which is why I have always hated his commentary. Its just so one dimensional, and he struggles when he is so limited in what he can say.

  • ant

    kurt angle vs samoa joe at destination x was awesome

  • nick-hulk

    @ W.cares, u refence Joe like he’s past it. Yes theres no epic anymore but that miss use and poor booking on TNAs behalf and not the fact that Joe’s past it. with some good booking Joe will prove that he’s still in his primd

  • W.cares

    Taz vs Samoa Joe both in their prime in an Iron Man Submission match would of been one of the best matches in wrestling history.

  • SYM

    Hes a Sequel to Taz if not then rebooted, with Kicks and samoan flops. Samoa Joe is something special.

  • scooter

    He is but I always felt Taz could’ve done more had it not been for the neck problems and considering his WWF debut was against Kurt Angle and they were pushing an Austin/Taz feud I think I might just have been right.

  • Lew

    I agree with the taz comparison but I think joe is better than taz

  • scooter

    TNA referenced benoit eh? Obviously it’s different for them because he never worked there but just makes me think WWE should do the same.
    Also I dig the comparison but he’ll always be this generations taz in my opinion.