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Kurt Angle Not Happy With WWE Stars Using His Moves At WrestleMania

TNA Wrestling performer Kurt Angle, a former WWE Champion, posted numerous messages on his Twitter account during WrestleMania XXVII criticizing Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler for using his trademark finishing maneuvers during their respective matches.

The tweets are as follows:

“To WWE wrestlers, Don’t use my Finish. Get more Creative. Hmmmm- Orton. Did I say that.”

“I heard Orton had an Awesome match though. Ur welcome. Lol.”

“I guess Swagger will use my Ankle Lock as well.Very creative. I’m the Best in the World. You Guys will never be Kurt Angle.can I get an AMEN.”

“Kurt Angle will never die. TNA. WWE. I’m a leader. Not follower.”

“Why would WWE use my finishes? Is it because I won’t go back? R Orton- Angle Slam. M Cole- Ankle Lock? They have some nerve.”

“Jerry Lawlor did it too. But He is a Legend. WWE really stuck it to Me.No Love lost. I’m glad that I helped Your biggest Event of the Year:)”

  • erik

    Unlike angle, a style was happy when mccool did his styles clash. aj styles said on his twitter aj a class act!

  • Kurt Angle

    Lawlor? I would never say this crap….. lol. But seriously, if kurt DID say this, then it means TNA turned him into an ass.

  • Devil_Rising

    Yup. Sorry to brake it to you Kurt, but your ankle lock always looked like shit compared to Ken Shamrock’s, who did it RIGHT, with a lot more intensity to boot. When he did it, you actually believed he might snap someone’s ankle. You just stand there and gently cradle their foot.

    And the day someone isn’t able to do a basic slam, like your “Angle Slam”, because you use it….is pretty sad.

  • jpbas

    The ankle lock was NOT invented by Kurt Angle. It’s true! It’s DAMN true!

    Sour grapes buddy

  • Truthiness

    That crap was so ridiculous, I’m almost hoping to hear that his account was hacked. Kurt Angle has no copyright on any of his moves. How long has this guy been in the business, and he doesn’t understand that other people may start using your moves at some point. He can’t be stupid enough to think that Orton’s whole match was made “awesome” by using the Olympic slam? By the way, when was the Olympic slam ever a realistic finisher? It looks about as effective as a standard suplex, that’s why Orton uses it as a set up move.

  • CM Punk Mark

    this is just sad kurt it sounds like denial. you cant face the fact that while the wwe product is not as good as it used to be your company is even shittier. youre a damn good wrestler but youre not god and i hate orton so i cant believe im defending him but hes right. you dont OWN wrestling moves ya hypocrite. hows that shamrock ankle lock working out for ya

  • CC

    Ok, so thats two moves that Kurt used to use and someone else is using them. Well if Kurt thinks nobody should copy moves, as has been said time and time again above, he should never have used those two moves in the first place. Also, he should never do a German suplex, a chest slap or any other move in his repetoir as they have all been used by other wrestlers as well.
    There are barely any original moves in wrestling anymore, just variations of older ones.
    Do you hear the Undertaker crying when people use chokeslams?
    Do you hear Hogan crying when people use leg drops?
    Do you hear Flair crying when people use the figure four?
    Do you hear Sting crying when people use the stinger splash?

    I like Kurt, I truly do, but this is quite pathetic.

  • Valo487

    Wow, if Kurt Angle is such a legend shouldn’t he be above this pettiness? Ken Shamrock says hi by the way.

  • adam

    wow kurt really. I mean i get it your upset about the anklelock but you didnt invent the move. Ther version swagger used in the first place were he grapvined the leg you might of made but he hasnt used that version of it in a long long time. As for the angle slam ya orton has been using it for a while but its not that hard of a move. I mean its pretty basic and im sure angle stole it from someone in japan or if the stieners actually did do that move from them. Angle just quit bitching i know your upset your in tna but its ok. WWE will keep putting on ppv’s that even there compitition buys and tna will keep on putting on ppv’s that no one cares about.

  • dgnr83d

    what’s wrong kurt u mad ?!!

  • Paton

    angle getting a bit jealous watches WM…

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    I agree wit statix901. DDP is proud of what Orton did wit his diamond cutter. Be glad moves u do r still relevant enought to be recycled

  • mark

    oh dear Kurt get a life !!

  • Hunter

    Sounds like Angle got drunk as he was a tad jealous watching Wrestlemania.

  • LVW

    @Bcvs- the angle slam is a glorified fireman’s carry, not samoan drop.

  • xXx

    wow talk about fall from grace.. its not like he patented it.. or did he? xD

  • misfit del rio sin cara

    dr pimp. yet youre still a fan? just shut the fuck up and watch the damn product if you dont like it, change it. godamn you guys are all fucking whinny ass virgins, jesus christ, can anything make you assholes happy???? cena is champion you cry, they make someone else champion you cry. taker is undefeated you piss and moan, taker loses ……. you guessed it you piss and moan, just shut the fuck up. and as far as angle goes blow me you damn pill popping drunk, like evryone else said before me, he uses steiner, shamrocks, benoits moves and no one ever complained.

  • cj

    And Angle used it while he and Benoit were both IN the WWE by the way…

  • cj

    I mean come on,I like Angle as much as the next guy, but he’s bitchin about people stealing his moves, I wonder how Benoit felt about his triple german suplex combo being used by Angle as one of his signatures when Benoit is the one who clearly originated and made it popular…WTF???


    lol Kurt they been using these moves for months now. I find it hilarious he wont watch raw or smackdown (where he would of notice that they been using it) but takes the time to watch Wrestlemania (which cost money meaning more money for vince).

  • Dr. Pimp

    RETARDMANIA 27 WAS PURE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KitKrock

    Kurt Angle STOLE Chris Benoit’s hat trick/triple german suplexes.

  • I saw some guy in TNA use Lesnar’s F5,Shamrock owns the Ankle Lock and Angle Slam is a lame mod of the samoan drop.
    Angle copied Benoit’s germans,Esse Rios’ moonsault and Steiner’s belly to belly.


  • Statix901

    I never see DDP complaining about Orton using the Diamond Cutter

  • Satan

    I love kurt angle but it doesn’t matter that he uses those signature moves no wrestler OWNS any moves period it’s how the business works most of the moves or holds we see today was stuff created years ago in wrestling does it mean the newer wrestlers cant use them?? that’s lame maybe you should get the move patented or something

  • Kurt Angle


  • LMAO,nice one Kevin.

  • Ha ha,Kurt Angle’s never out of his old cry-baby character.Get him some milk Karen.

    I’m starting to gradually lose my respect for this bald MF due to incidents like this.

  • GOKU

    @Kevin: Good Point There Fella.

  • Kevin

    He must of been drunk or high on pills again. Thank god he wasnt driving and just tweeting this time!!! The ankle lock was around when he was going for the gold and I swear the Steiners used the angle slam. He is bitter that he is wrestling in front of 1000 people and his checks are gonna start bouncing soon and he isnt collecting a big bonus for Wrestlemania!!!! Oh shit Mysterio had red and blue on those are your colors angle??? The American flag stole from you also….

  • Treg

    Boo hoo.. everybody steals moves Kurt. You should take it as a compliment.

  • Kris

    and oh yeah, sorry Kurt its not like they debuted these moves tonight..They have been using them for months.

  • Mamba

    Ken Shamrock will SNAP when he reads this! Lol I just left mania and I died laughing when the Angle slam was used though lol

  • Sissy

    QQ more Angle, washed up just like Hogan.

  • Veganism

    @Dave STFU, go jack off to Orton and Miz you fucking mark.

  • GOKU

    Sounds Like Someone Is Butt-Hurt…. Sad.

  • Howe

    If you’re so mad Kurt, go back to the WWE and get a shawn michaels/Undertaker contract where you only work TV shows. This way, you can introduce the kids to the three I’s and fight Orton and Swagger for ripping off your moves.

  • Dave

    The ankle lock isn’t original and the angle slam is just a basic move anyways, so Kurt needs to shut up.

  • Alan Wake

    Didn’t Kurt get the Ankle Lock from Ken Shamrock? Can’t defend Orton using the Olympic Slam though

  • wtfbbqsauce

    lol, wasn’t the anklelock originally used by ken shamrock?

  • Thumper!

    What would Ken Shamrock say about this?

  • Center

    I guess Kurt has a copyright on standard wrestling holds.