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Kurt Angle Leaves European Tour Early Due To Family Emergency

Kurt Angle left TNA Wrestling’s ongoing European tour to return to the United States after doctors were forced to induce labor on his fiancée, Giovanna Yannotti, several weeks early.

Angle was the special guest referee for the Jeff Jarrett and Matt Hardy vs. Shannon Moore and Mark Haskins match in Lyon, France. The 1996 Olympic gold medalist received a phone call while on tour that Yannotti was forced into emergency labor due to health complications.

The baby, Giuliana Marie Angle, was born prematurely Saturday at 5.5 pounds and 18 inches long. Yannotti remains in intensive care.

Angle confirmed pulled out of the tour Saturday, writing on Twitter:

“To my fans, especially in Europe. Sorry I had to pull from the tour. Giovanna, my fiance’, had complications with her labor. I came home To be with her and my beautiful new daughter Giuliana is doing fantastic.

“I will be staying at the hospital until Giovanna is able to leave. She won’t be able to leave until the doctors clear her condition. Thank u all for ur support.”

source: Wrestling Globe Newsletter

  • Kim

    I wish him the best too. I hope everything turns out alright.

  • I hope everything goes well with Kurt Angle and his family. He’s a true family man, and one of my top ten favourite wrestlers.

  • scooter

    poor guy we all know what a shitty year he had 2 years ago and I wish him nothing but the best.
    now onto another topic I know a lot of people (myself included) will be thinking no aj no kurt whats the point I thought this at first too but then I realized uk indy talent are getting oppurtunitys personally I would love to go to the glasgow show as I’ve seen lionheart wrestle a few times and despite having never actually met the guy I have a couple of friends and a few aquaintances on the indy scene. same goes for big mossy down in london seen him wrestle many times great worker for a guy his size so what I’m saying is even if the card looks crap go to support these uk talents who are finally getting noticed despite uk talents making it in the US only being a pipe dream a few years ago

  • Anon GM

    WHAT THE HELL?! Kurt angle has a new daughter? What about Karen? She is hot! She married Jay yi double eff jay ay double ar yi double tee? That ugly douche? Really? Really? REALLY?

    Sorry y’all I havent watched TNA in a while and dont know what’s going on.

  • CC

    @ xxxBATEZYxxx storyline? Karen and Jeff have been married for months now? Where you been hiding?

    As for Kurt, I’m sure everyone is wishing him the best at this time and keeping their fingers crossed that everything is fine with Giovanna.

  • damkat

    I am glad to hear everyone is alright. I hope Kurt enjoys his new baby..

  • xxxBATEZYxxx

    sooo… him and karren actually got a divorce i thought it was just a story line. so tna is actually having jarret and karren vs angle.
    thats is some crazzy sh-it

  • misfit

    No need for kurt to apologize, his family comes first, hopefully all turns out well.