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Kurt Angle Names Most Underrated Wrestler, Hogan Sex Tape Most Viewed Post

– Kurt Angle gave his views on “Stone Cold” Steve Austin during an interview with The English digital magazine.

“One of the most underrated wrestlers – not entertainers, but wrestlers – in the history of professional wrestling. He changed the face of wrestling. I wrestled him in my first year in the business, and I knew nothing. Austin carried me through every match that we had.”

– According to The Huffington Post, the second most viewed post at Gawker this year was for Hulk Hogan’s leaked sex tape, which was right behind a story which published topless photos of Kate Middleton. Hogan is currently suing Gawker for distributing the tape.

  • Lew

    when I read this all I could think of was a chris beniot verses Stone Cold match where Stone Cold went hold 4 hold with beniot and really showed how good of a technical wrestler he really was

  • cc

    Oh and Chris E, there was no luck. Austin came up with the gimmick himself and ran with it, much like The Rock did. Unlike today, wrestlers had a degree of freedom in their own development, which is why the characters back then were much stronger than most of the characters now.

  • cc

    I have never heard anyone say Austin couldnt wrestle (and certainly nevet compared to someone like Cena, so no idea who these lots of people are Treg mentions), and certainly would never say he was underrated in any way shape or form.
    Austin is well known as a ring general, and is the biggest name in the industry.
    Austin was never technical in the same sense as Bret or Angle, but that doesnt mean people didnt appreciate what he did in the ring.
    Austin is much like The Undertaker in the ring, and nobody would say he was underrated either.

  • Treg

    lots of people compare Austins wrestling skills to Cena’s for some reason. Austin was a much better wrestler too.

  • Yep

    Go watch Austin in WCW with Pillman as the Hollywood Blondes the guy had talent with the SCSA gimmick

  • Chris E.

    Funny, but if SCSA had not been developed/ invented, I could see his career being cut short. He had a huge push in WCW which started to wind down with the Hollywood Blonds and then his injuries. His Ring Master persona w/ the Million Dollar Belt wasn’t going well.
    Lots of talented wrestlers never go as far as Austin. Have to say a certain amount of luck involved. Good for him.

  • Rob

    Austin is more known for his character and entertainment value than his actual mat work and that is what Kurt is talking about. That much i agree, there are FEW wrestlers that possessed both qualities at a superstar level, SCSA, Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, HBK, Bret Hart, Edge, Chris Jerico, Booker T, Ric Flair and The Rock are the only wrestlers who IMO posses both Qualities. The only wrestler from this generation that come close today is Bobby Roode. Dolph Ziggler needs a run as a face before he is ready for that honor

  • I believe he means underrated strictly as an in ring worker. He’s an undisputed Icon but people forget just how good he was, even pre Stone Cold when he worked a somewhat different style.

  • tim

    I think this makes total sense to me. People(a lot of older wrestlers) dislike and speak out about Austin not being that good and just being a “superstar” and using the entertainment aspects to get by. But to be honest he was awesome in the ring. Its tough to think of a bad SCSA match.

  • hbk fan

    i think because people dont put him in the hbk ric flair category of a worker and i think thats what angles saying

  • Macho Madness

    In the minds of true wrestling fans who saw Austin start his career in Dallas, or with WCW in singles competition or as part of the Hollywood blondes, not to mention his time in ECW and the earlier part of the Attitude Era Austin is and was a fantastic in ring wrestler. After his neck was broken, a lot of people jumped to the conclusion that his wrestling in ring abilities went way downhill and after he returned in 2000, some people felt his matches weren’t as good anymore. Thats what Kurt meant, nothing to do with being entertaining or even getting through a match. I still consider him one of the elite of all time in ring and entertainment wise.

  • Robinson

    I know WTF?!?! Is there another SCSA running around somewhere?!?!

  • nick