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Kurt Angle on a match against Brock Lesnar: “I tamed the Beast once, I could do it again”

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle and the WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar have had quite the history together. The off-screen close friends have put on a number of classic matches all around the world.

When a fan tweeted a GIF of Angle delivering a magnificent suplex on Lesnar, Angle came up with an interesting response.

Angle claimed that he has tamed Lesnar once and he could do it again if they crossed paths.

Another match between these two behemoths of the business would be a treat to the WWE Universe. Now that the two are on the same roster and physically fit to compete, maybe we could see a showdown between them some point down the line.


  • AmishPatel

    Really, really, no.

    Kurt looks absolutely horrible in the ring now. Like he can barely even walk, and the ‘hunch’ is so apparent.