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Kurt Angle Posts Several Interesting Tweets, Mentions Austin & Michaels

– It was an interesting night for Kurt Angle on Twitter last night. Angle posted several controversial tweets, some of which you can read below and some that have since been deleted. No response yet from Shawn Michaels or Steve Austin.

“I’m training for Olympics. Every Wrestler is terrified of me that they will get tired”

“@steveaustinBSR @ShawnMichaels But Could Either of U take Me as a Shoot? Be Honest! I Respect You Both!”

“@steveaustinBSR @ShawnMichaels by the way! I Love Austin and Michaels. Just Joking. U guys are legends!”

“I Became a top star in 1 year, but it took Shawn and Austin 15years. Hello?”

“I have not touched a pill 8 yrs. up urs”

“@JRsBBQ @IAmJericho How do You feel about that. I’m the Best today! If Wwe never wants Me, their Mistake. What then?”

After a fan said go back to WWE and take Sting with you:
“I wish. Sting will stay in tna”

Angle posted several other tweets, cussing at fans and joking about WWE talents, but those have since been deleted. He told fans that he was not drinking and that his account was not hacked this time.

  • Phill

    The other day he thanked HBK for facing him at Wrestlemania…..20…..Thats right, he doesn’t even know what WM he faced Shawn Michaels at

  • sdd619

    Kurt Angle should be thankful he got pushed in the WWE. Alot of people have come & failed. Shawn Michaels & Steve Austin came in when the territories were still about & worked hard to get where they are today. Kurt should just shut his mouth

  • Nicholas

    Oh like I said many times already it not Kurt Angle that don’t want to go back to the Wwe it is the Wwe not wanting him back. I tell you this if Kurt Angle think he is so much better then Stone Cold or HBK how come nobody is watching Tna. I mean to be in Stone Cold and Hbk level that part of the package you have to have the fan base icon stats they do. I tell you this if HBK or Stone Cold were to walk into TNA tomorrow TNa numbers would go though the roof. But Kurt Angle he don’t have that type of draw power in fact most wrestling fans look at him as a jackass. To me Kurt Angle great in the ring know dough but his ego is what been his down fall. Well that an the drunk. It like he really believe he was going to the Olympics I never though it was going to happen. I wish Kurt Angle not like this but he is his own worst emeny.

  • heyfit

    Kirk Angel needs to go back to the WWE and feud with the Great Khali or CM Punk.

  • Greg

    id axe angle after these comments i truely would… why the hell keep a guy on tv who wishes to go to wwe

  • chronoxiong

    Hey Kurt, what happened to your body? Your stomach area looks to be as big as Matt Hardy’s now.

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  • Devil_Rising

    I’m sorry, being a former Olympic Gold Medalist is indeed a feat to be proud of. But that hardly means he’s THE best wrestler in the world, nor does it mean that no other wrestler with an actual technical background COULDN’T beat him in a “Shoot match”.

    The guy was a tool, but need I remind people how pissed Angle got when Daniel Puder surprised him by shooting on him in the middle of SD.


    TNA needs to put Kurt in time out.

  • tommy

    Wouldnt mind seeing Angle-Swagger storyline

  • Cm Punk 86

    look like someone found the bottles aging i see a DUI case coming soon

  • Eve’s left nipple

    When Angle debuted in WWE things were alot different than when HBK and Austin were up and coming, They had to work hard to beat that bodybuilder mold Vince loved so much. it also helps a little being a Olympic gold medalist and pushed to the stars with no prior Pro Wrestling experience.

  • LSC

    Once again, Kurt Angle is proving he has a brain of a fucking child. He says shit about good talent and then becomes a pussy and delete it. It wasn’t that long ago where he’d interfere in the Chris Brown/CM Punk situation, ripped Punk off and deleted his posts.

    Kurt, understand you are NOT the main person to look out for in wrestling, there are people better than you because you are in your 40’s and you are getting weak. Stop being a pussy and ripping off people like SCSA and HBK who have had better success than you. Grow some balls and fuck off.

    Do remind you, HBK and SCSA didn’t do any shitty Olympic competition. But hey, who will be remembered more for success? SCSA/HBK or you? Logic Kurt, use it!

  • Bill

    “He told fans that he was not drinking and that his account was not hacked this time.” Wouldn’t be surprised if Angle backtracks himself & reveals that his account really was “hacked”.

  • RUSTanator

    he got given a push in wwe because he came with a certain ”status” and recognition, had he been kurt angle (with no olympic gold medals) it would have taken him a lot longer, regardless of how good he is.

    plus he came at the right time, wwe was all over tv, you were probably on tv more in a year when angle came on the scene than in 3/4 years back in the 80s

  • Kyle

    Some drunk hacked his twitter, ODB!!!!!!

  • Cropsy

    someone hacked Kurt’s twitter again! rats those password fishermen!!

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Sounds like he was drunk and losing it.

  • JasonX

    @Kurtangle——–Macho Man hacked my twitter account from above!!

  • 1919dpg

    kurt + Alchohol + twitter = FAIL

  • Best In The World

    Was angle drunk when he tweeted again ?

  • poko

    The WWE would certainly love to have Sting, but I don’t know if they’d want all the baggage that Angle brings with him. He’s a walking soap opera, and the WWE doesn’t usually go for that.

  • Effmenow

    Maybe Kurt should just delete his twitter.

  • Shawn

    WWE should bring back Angle. Sting should get smart and join WWE. I should win the lottery.

    Sadly, things that ‘should’ happen usually don’t. Damn.

  • milkdud

    Sounds like he misses wwe