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Kurt Angle Posts Update on Jesse Sorensen, Spike TV Throws Party for TNA

– reports that Spike TV president Kevin Kay was at the Impact Wrestling taping in Orlando on Monday and threw a party for the TNA wrestlers and crew after the show.

– Kurt Angle wrote the following on Twitter about Jesse Sorensen. Angle says Sorensen is facing a 1 year recovery:

“I Visited Jesse Sorenson.He Is Moving His Arms and Legs.Drs’ say 1 Year recovery. I Say 4 Months.Jesse Is a Hero and Fighter. “I’ll Be Back””

  • Jason

    CC please I am begging you to come to one of the TNA house shows so that I can see you face to face. God that would be the best birthday gift anyone could give me right now.

  • JIR

    I know Angle was being positive and encouraging Jesse to rehab and return but I say to Jesse thank god your not paralyzed and take your rehab one day at a time and JESSE needs to make his own choice about a come back

  • CC

    Tell that to all those dead from being hit by drunk drivers. Dont be a fucking idiot and start defending alcoholism. Alcoholism is a choice, and the path of someone with a weak mind. Just as drugs are as well.
    You say stupidity is a disease from which their is no cure, well I hope to god they find one for your sake.

    I for the record dont hate TNA and dont hate Angle, once upon a time I was a fan of both. What I hate is what they have both become.
    If the likes of Ricardo and Jason think I should just continue liking them for the sake of liking them, then they are the ones drinking something that alters the mind. TNA haters apparently make Jason sick, in which case you are a fucking idiot. I dont hate people who hate WWE as its their opinion, and they are entitled to it (that includes you Jason, no matter how wrong I think you are).

    What Angle has said here is no different to all the other ill informed opinions he has spouted over the last year or two.
    Whether he meant what you say he meant or what others say he meant just goes to show that his words are down to interpretation because they are not 100% clear, and his recent mindset has made people believe nothing but the worst of him.

  • Ricardo

    … and yet, they insist! Let’s go through this again, people. Angle DID NOT try to replace medical opinion. Don’t try to read between every couple of lines that Angle is a creep. He complimented the kid saying he’s sure he’ll beat the odds, not that he should speed up his recovery. Let me make this simple so you can understand:

    “Drs’ say 1 Year recovery. I Say 4 Months.Jesse Is a Hero and Fighter.” – expressing faith in Jesse’s healing capacity. This is what Angle said.

    “Drs’ say 1 Year recovering. I believe the correct medical estimate should be 4 months.” – trying to one up the physicians. This is what the voice in the heads of Angle haters is telling them.

    You know, alcoholism is a much less serious disease than stupidity. At least it’s curable.

  • Generic Troll

    @Jason, not a hater of Angle, actually prob in my top 3 TNA wrestlers, but as people are saying, would you rather have your diagnosis and medical reports done by someone who has gone to school and got the education and knows their shit, or listen to a wrestler and olympic medalist who has had i’m taking your word four broken necks? I bet if he took my time off stayed in rehab and didn’t go as hard he would of had less breaks.

    Everyones point is this:
    Wrestling – Angle over Doctors
    Diagnosis – Doctors over Angle

    there we go cheers

  • Jason

    ^^^That is the price you pay to be the best in the world period. This will come to Punk as well, wait and see.

  • venom

    I was just reading Kurt Angle’s book a couple of weeks ago and it made me sad. I remember when he said how his dad was an alcoholic and how Kurt barely even drank. Look at Kurt now. He is a completely different person now.

  • Jason

    Agreed Ricardo, the TNA haters and Angle haters really make me sick to be honest. Kurt Angle is still the best in the world imo, I would like to see Punk or Bryan or any other so called best in the world wrestler win a gold medal with a broken neck or try out again for the same gold medal 16 years later with having gone through four broken necks. Kurt Angle is the true best in the world

  • Stevie P

    I love Angle. I think he is one of the best wrestlers ever. But I trust a doctor over him when it comes to a diagnosis and how long he will and should be out.

  • Ricardo

    So, let’s recap. Angle makes a compliment to the kid, encouraging him by saying he’s a fighter and he’ll beat the odds. But Angle is a drunk, he can do nothing right, right? So haters come on and spin it to make it look like Angle is pushing the kid to get into the ring ahead of time. Wow, talk about insanity. Oh, the Angle haters! Nothing quite like them.

  • Jason

    Not everyone is as tough as you Mr. Angle…. lol

  • CC

    Yeah, he should rush back just like Kurt did when he had that new surgical procedure a few years ago, the same one that Edge later had.
    Cause its worked out so well for both those guys in the long run hasnt it.
    Kurts always injured, and Edge faces being a cripple if he ever wrestles again.

  • Stevie P

    Sorry but Doctors > Angle.

  • Angle of all people doesn’t need to encourage him to rush to get back in the ring early