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Kurt Angle Receives a Fine and No Jail Time in Reckless Driving Case

– A judge in Virginia has ordered Kurt Angle to pay $1,500 for the reckless driving charge that he got when arrested back in September on suspicion of drunk driving. Angle was actually hit with the maximum fine of $2,500 but the judge suspended $1,000 of it.

Angle will not serve any jail time and will not lose his license for any amount of time.

Angle did not appear in court on Tuesday but his lawyer plead No Contest. He was originally charged with DUI but was only tried for the reckless driving charge.

Angle’s lawyer says when he was pulled over for swerving on the road after a TNA live event in September, he was just texting on his cell phone. The story is that Angle was texting the promoter of the show, presumably a TNA employee, about his payment that night. The state district attorney did not believe that Angle was simply texting while driving but the judge sided with Angle’s defense.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Kurt expects to get into the Olympics with this track record? I don’t watch the Olympics but I’m sure they would do a background check on their athletes.

    It is illegal here in Ontario, not sure about the US. Everyone would be pulled over there with the huge population.

  • venom

    Kurt will get his next DUI at least 6 months from now, and we’ll hear his next excuse.

  • Nicholas G

    Boy I wonder how long can Kurt or another one of these WWE junkies will go until they break another law. It is only a matter of time I tell you until one of these guys end up dead. An that will be the nail in TNA casket I do believe. Because the media will be all over it like they were all over Vince Mac and the WWE with what happen with Chris Benoit. Yeah WWE ended up recovering but it took WWE many years. An WWE now has the Willness Policy. At least WWE did something to protect there business what has TNA done nothing.

  • ironcross

    one if the Faces of TNA right there Be Proud #TNAWFUL marks

  • ironcross

    he will get done for dui again next week then get rewarded another title reign

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    ummmm isnt texting while driving illegal now?

  • Snark Mark

    I don’t like Kurt Angle, but even I admit that the charges sounded pretty trumped up. He was under the legal limit when pulled over, so a reckless driving ticket sounds fair.

  • Jon

    What a slap in the wrist. He should serve his time because this is not the first time nor sadly his last.