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Kurt Angle On Whether He Will Return To WWE, Kevin Nash Leaving TNA, MMA

“Sports Axxess” on PW 24/7 Radio with Kurt Angle
Hosts: Jerry Sorrentino, James Jefferson, and Joey Image
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Kurt Angle on the hamstring injury he had to work through during his title defenses against Bobby Roode and James Storm: “I did have to be careful of the injury when I wrestled James Storm at the TV tapings. I gave it all I could, which was only one minute of wrestling. I’ve only missed nine days but now I’m back to Olympic form. It was just a slight tear in my hamstring but there was a lot of bleeding. The bleeding went all the way down my hamstring, down my calf, down my shin, all the way down to my foot. It was black and blue, but the injury wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. But now I’m back to training. I’ve done a lot of interviews and gotten a lot of attention for training for an Olympic comeback. My only obstacle is Jake Barter. He’s almost guaranteed to win a medal because he is that good. So if I beat him, USA wrestling wants to make sure I’m capable of winning a medal. So they want me to come out and train at Colorado Springs, and I’m going to do that. I think I have a great shot at making the team.”

On getting into MMA: “I’ve had a lot of talks with Dana White. While he’s denied the offers, Dana and I respect each other enough for us not to say exactly what was offered. The thing was, he wanted me to be ready in a short time and I couldn’t do that. I wanted months, he wanted weeks. We’re good friends and I hope he has great success. But you know what, he’s said some negative things about me in the press. I still love him to death. I did pass his physical, meaning I was ready for competition, but he wanted me to be ready in four to six weeks and I couldn’t do that. It’s impossible. There’s also the fact that I’m signed with TNA and Dana didn’t want anyone fighting for him and wrestling at the same time. So Dana White, God bless you. Whatever you say, I’ll respect that because I know you wanted me to fight for you and wanted me to be your guy.”

On Kevin Nash: “I love him to death. I know why he went to WWE. He wanted the carrot. He wanted that carrot they dangled in front of his face. But has the WWE used him the right way since he came back? No. Kevin should come back to TNA where they can use him the way he should be. WWE thinks he’s old and washed up but TNA doesn’t think that. TNA wants Kevin Nash. He is so gifted, talented, and popular. I want him back in TNA because he’s one of my best friends.”

On working in wrestling after retirement and potentially joining the WWE Hall of Fame: “If I end up in the Hall of Fame in the WWE, I don’t know if I’ll accept it. I love Vince McMahon. He made me a lot of money and was like a father figure to me. But Dixie Carter is my boss and I love her to death. So I don’t know what I’m going to do. I would like to say that I am not going back to the WWE. But Vince McMahon may offer me something when I retire and I’m done with TNA. But I’d also like to be part of creative or be an agent in TNA. Out of everyone in the world, I am the best at coming up with finishes. I would like to stay with TNA and do that. A lot of people ask if I’d go back if Vince wanted me for WrestleMania, and I don’t know the answer to that. But I know I am happy in TNA and I’d like to stay there.”

All this and much more can be heard in the full hour long interview with Kurt Angle. This interview, along with countless hours of other original pro-wrestling content, can be found exclusively and for free only on PW 24/7 Radio.

  • PinkSinCara

    I wish I could be completely delusional like Kurt. Life would be so much easier

  • venom

    Dana White will do an interview and deny everything Angle said. Angle was probably drunk. Why does Angle think he is too good for WWE? I doubt WWE wants Angle back due to his drug and legal problems.

  • K-Angle

    that night meant nothing get over it!

  • MrDr3w

    WWE isn’t using Kevin Nash right? What do you consider “right,” putting him in a wheelchair, letting his hair go gray again? That’s what I think WWE using him “right” would look like. He’s a bitter, greedy old man, with bad knees, and an attitude problem. He has no place in the WWE. He belongs back in TNA where all the old, washed up wrestlers that don’t have it anymore are.

  • ironcross

    Angle is drunk again

  • breezy

    so basicially when tna goes out of business kurt wants to go down with it? doesnt make sense. if wwe wants u its cause they know you’re good. kurt is the only former wwe superstar who doesnt wwe is the best place to be. the boss isnt the best guy in the world and the creatives might be assholes but what job isnt like that? jim cornette and honkey tonk man all speak the truth about the business but they know damn well if vince calls they will be on the team. same goes for the outlaws, hulk hogan, iron sheik, ultimate warrior and so on. the only true person who stuck to their word SO FAR is sting. who said he wouldnt work for vince. and if he does it would be for only one match and a hall of fame induction.

  • voice of reason

    is this k-nash real or just a poser, if he is real prove it by giving the guys here a shout out until then i remain skeptical.

  • KitKrock


  • Dave

    Kurt is actually noted backstage, for being one of the most ego-less performers in pro wrestling. A real nice guy to everyone around and always helping the younger guys. And never kicks up a fuss when he is asked to lie down and put someone else over.
    He gives his life to what he loves and appears to have a very sound understanding of the backstage workings. He’ll be a part of pro wrestling for many years to come and it will be a better place because of it.

  • Devil_Rising

    Of course you’re going to be “happy in TNA” when you’re one of two guys whose held the main Championship for the last like 5 years+.

    Ask someone like Christopher Daniels, or better yet, Samoa Joe, how much they love TNA, and how well they’ve been used, and see if they give an honest answer. TNA would be alright if they’d just do two things: 1) Fire Hogan/Bischoff/ESPECIALLY Vince Russo. (not that I think Bischoff is bad, but they need to start fresh).

    And 2) Actually focus on the new/younger guys. Push RVD. Push Christopher Daniels. Samoa Joe. Shannon Moore. Amazing Red. Brian Kendrick, etc. As TOP guys. Then maybe you’d have something.

  • Statix901

    Haha blue, classic!



  • poko

    I think Nash was initially pretty dissatisfied with the WWE not using him at all after the Rumble, but right now it looks like he’s lined up for main event level matches going forward, even if it’s not for the title. Angle just wants him back in TNA because they’re friends, and it helps keep the status quo, as Nash is awfully good at keeping his friends and himself near the top of the program.

    Personally, I think TNA is better off without him. He doesn’t have any more stories to tell there.

  • scsa852k

    Use Nash the right way??
    Kevin Nash is actually looking like a commodity for the first time since 90’s.

  • Triple H

    @K-Nash Kev, you broke my heart :'(

  • Mojojojo

    Ha, Kurt Angle is so delusional. Kevin Nash went to WWE because he’s a smart man. Who would turn down a high six figure or million dollar contract, the ability to wrestle for a live audience of 50,000+ fans each week(that accounts for Raw and the house shows), and to be a central character on one of cable’s highest rated shows that is viewed by millions of people? Unless you are Hulk Hogan and receive a million dollar contract to do absolutely nothing but yell “brother” each week, TNA simply can’t compare.

    Kurt is still in delusion mode, clinging onto the belief that TNA is such a young company that will grow and find a large audience. And for anyone wondering why I’m even commenting on TNA the section if I’m a TNA hater, don’t worry, this article was posted in the WWE section and thats the only reason I came across it. I don’t even visit the TNA news section.

  • K-Nash

    K-nash back, forgot this was about me an Kurt. Kurt’s a…unique fella. He’s like a pregant woman – mood swings everday. He could be a good fella, or a prick depending on the hour/day. That being said, I see him being inducted in wwe in about 2018+. He needs to retire to be considered.

    Kurt, if you’re watching this, Beep Beep MEEEEEEEEEP. Only he’ll know what i’m talking about.

  • Valo487

    Kurt Angle missed his calling as a fiction writer…

  • blue4everd

    Ooooooo this looks like fun!! Can I be Rikishi???
    I did it for The Rock! I did it for Stone Cold!

  • Andy

    Two things –

    1)Kurt Angle LOVES to toot his own horn. The dudes got a boner for himself.

    2)Not sure if Kurt is watching the same RAW all of us are, but Kevin Nash is essentially playing a central role in one of the top storylines in the WWE. But nahhhhh, they’re not using him right.

    Oh, and I guess one more thing…WWE offers to induct you in the Hall of Fame and you’d say no? Get over yourself, Kurt.

  • CC

    I think it says it all about TNA’s mindset that they dont think Nash is washed up.

    Also, it all depends on what point in his contract he is at as to whether Kurt would potentially return to WWE.
    When he is at the start of a TNA contract, he is all about TNA but would never say never. When he is up for contract renewal he says WWE is definitely a possibility.

  • Jason

    Hi I’m Kurt Angle. Basically what I’m saying is never say never.

  • K-Nash

    Nash here, I enjoy the WWE people more than TNA people. I have to pave way to the new generation…TNA doesn’t do that. You got old man Hogan EFFING the wrestling industry of TNA. Ric”diculous” flair should just quit, he ain’t that great.

    I may have torn quads couple of times, but I still enjoy a little here or there of wrestling. Thankful WWE has given me a loose schedule for me to do. I enjoy it far more than TNA. Get Old man Hogan out of the EFFIN business, and I may come back to TNA and jacknife these assholes