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Kurt Angle Reveals 2012 Olympic Plans, Gail Kim Responds To Criticism, Sting

— Kurt Angle stated on Twitter that he will be participating in the United States Olympic wrestling trials that will be held in Iowa City, Iowa this April to determine the team that will go to London, England for the 2012 Olympics.

“I’m Already Qualified for final Olympic trials In June. But I Will Official Enter Olympic trial Qualifier Tourney in April in Iowa! I’m Ready,” he wrote.

Angle revealed his Olympic hopes this past June. He told The Sun, “I’ve set my sights on this. There are certain goals I had in my life and I’ve done them. I won an Olympic gold medal, but last time I did it I didn’t really enjoy it. I didn’t have fun. It was more of a job and there was a lot of pressure on me. This time I’m going to soak it in, enjoy everything I do from the training to going to London and making the Olympic team, enjoying it and remembering the Olympics instead of putting it out of my mind.”

— Gail Kim has responded to criticism that she repeats herself in interviews regarding her views on WWE.

“I’m not gonna not answer questions people ask me,” she says. “Why don’t you ask them why they ask a question that’s been answered?”

— Sting is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Inside Wrestling.

  • venom

    Angle won’t even make the team.

  • Nicholas G

    You know what will be a bigger mess for Kurt Angle. If he goes into the Olympics and wins the Gold Metal. Then they say he been using Steroids can he really go on deny it like he has been doing with his habits right now. They will go back an not only look at 2012 but at 1996 oh how bad would that be. He now get strip of those Metal he build his career around. I hope he is clean because other wise this can turn out looking very bad for Kurt Angle. Because with Angle past history over the past couple of year it going to be hard to prove he is not guilty.

  • Little Jimmy Dudley

    Well you’re right about that. A legdrop and ripping off a ten cent t-shirt hardly constitute wrestling. Wait a minute….is he one of those ‘sports entertainers’ we’ve been hearing so much about?

  • Dave

    Kurt is a WRESTLING legend. Hogan is not.

  • Little Jimmy Dudley


    Does this mean I can’t write one about Hogan now? Damn the luck. It was a good one.

    No hard feelings on the FU. Some people like it. Some don’t. Just a day on a wrestling rumor site.

  • Dave

    Little Jimmy Dudley

    I’ll give you points for your creativity but you laughing at a legend like Kurt fucking Angle earns you a big FUCK YOU.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Yeah I’m not gonn comment on Gail either just dont ASSk her NO questions

  • CM Mark

    I’m not gonna not comment on gail kim not gonna not answer her questions. MORON…

  • scooter

    you know what I agree Kurt has his demons but heres the
    crazy thing he probably could do it hell as fucked up as he is he’s still easily the best worker in tna and he’s awesome on the mic and you can tell by the amount of size he’s lost that off the roids at the moment. Anyone else I’d laugh and say they were deluded but if a guy can go out and have awesome matches despite all his demons he has a chance!

  • venom


    STFU! I guess Angle can’t feel a punch to the face because he is too numb from the alcohol.

  • really

    way to much time on your hands

  • supermysterio

    @Little Jim Dudley and Venom

    Angle will kick your asses!

  • venom

    @Little Jim Dudley

    Nicely said.

  • Little Jimmy Dudley

    3:41pm- wake up totally confused as to where you are and how you got here. Dried vomit on shirt helps fill in the blanks.

    3:50pm- managed to stagger to feet and swerve towrds the sink in the nick of time to hurl another wave of beer soaked puke down the drain.

    4:02pm- vomitting all done. Feeling very dehydrated, need something to drink. Can’t remember where the refridgerator is.

    4:17pm- still searching for refridgerator. Did have a slurp of water from the cat’s dish to keep going.

    4:29pm- find refridgerator. Give thanks and a small prayer.

    4:32pm- open refridgerator…..NO BEER!

    4::33pm- fall to the floor and begin sobbing uncontrolably.

    4:52pm- serious temper tantrum now. Damn that Scott Hall for drinking all the beer.

    5:00pm- wish you were wherever Jimmy Buffet is right now. I bet he has some beer.

    5:16pm- crying stopped now. Lightbulb goes off.

    5:17pm- realize that it is not a brilliant idea but the lightbulbs (and everything else in the house) actually going off. Probably should have paid the electric bill last month instead of picking up Scott Hall’s bar tab.

    5:22pm- remeber that you have $2.31 in your pocket….motivation enough to get up and stumble to corner bar for the $1 Bud Light special.

    5:30pm- pass gym on way to corner bar…..was there something I was supposed to do today?

    The End.

  • Little Jimmy Dudley

    The Kurt Angle Olympic Training Program

    6:00am- alarm goes off. Angle still not home from last night’s drinking binge.

    6:21am- Olympic champion staggers in, drunk on his ass and passes out after a face plant into kitchen table that would make Ric Flair proud.

    10:42am- comes to in a complete stupor due to telephone ringing off the hook for 20 minutes.

    10:45am- stagger in direction of ringing telephone. Answer toaster….no dial tone. Must have been Dixie Carter calling collect.

    10:49am- stumble towards bathroom, trip over cat, crash headfirst into grandfather clock and slump to the floor.

    11:07am- room spinning, head pounding, feeling nauseous. How does Scott Hall do this every day?

    11:24am- hangover really kicking in now. Sweating like a whore in church, cold chills and the shakes. Should not have had that extra 6-pack on the bus at 4am.

    12:03pm- borderline hallucinations…see Vince McMahon and The Honkytonk Man ride through kitchen on wooden ponies. Scott calls to ask why you are late for your AA meeting.

    12:12pm- unconscious


  • Freakzilla

    Gails right its the dumb ass marks who don’t seem to understand the different publications ask the same questions. A theory thats lost on most on here.

  • JIR

    Hope for the best Angle cause these College Grapplers are pretty tough

  • PinkSinCara

    Gail sounds as stupid as she looks. Asians are supposed to be smart

  • venom

    Angle’s plans for getting ready for the Olympics. Drink beer, then take some pills, then go on twitter.