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Kurt Angle Reveals When He Will Retire From Wrestling

“Sports Axxess” on PW 24/7
Hosts: Jerry Sorrentino, James Jefferson, and Joey Image
Full episode available at

Kurt Angle on his return to collegiate Olympic wrestling:
“I’ve been training for the last six months. The training has gone phenomenally well. I didn’t realize I was going catch on this quickly, but you know it’s like getting on a bicycle and riding again. That’s not to say it didn’t go without any injuries here and there. I’ve hurt my Achilles tendon and my hamstring but I’ve been hanging on tightly and training very hard. I’m on schedule so thank God, I have a very good chance of making the team. A lot of it has to do with me beating a guy named Jake Barter, who is a world silver and bronze medalist. He hasn’t had quite the success I have had when I was there but when I was there I was very young. I was in my mid-twenties and I didn’t have a game plan. Now I’m a lot older and wiser; I look at my training, I look at my game plan, I look at the way I’m going to wrestle. I know I’ll make a lot less mistakes and I know I’ll train more properly. The thing was that I had over-trained in the past. I was training nine or ten hours a day, and at some point it became counterproductive. I think I could have been a much better wrestler if I had done things the right way.”

On his line of food products:
“You know, a lot of people have been counting calories, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, but never count fiber. I’m going to say this now: fiber is the best kept secret in the world. It can really make or break your body. Fiber can help you lose fat, body weight, lower cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar. Basically it is the healthiest product on the market. There are a lot of fiber products that are one or two layer fibers. UltraFiber DX from Angle Foods is and eight layer fiber developed by a doctor in Germany. It was intended to help obese and diabetic patients to get off medication and help improve quality and longevity of life. You can purchase it at This is what you should be feeding your kids. The powder works as a cooking agent. You can make it into pancakes, pizza and bread dough, and so many other things.”

On the current direction of Impact Wrestling and “passing the torch”:
“God willing, we have more wrestling and less talk. I’ve been pushing for that. Sometimes we have people there on the show that don’t wrestle. They take up a lot of the show with only promos. The young guys need to step up and be the guys cutting the promos. It’s kind of a catch 22. We need to realize who we are and we need to fix the problem. The young talent needs the opportunity to shine. I’m one of the top guys in the company and I don’t want to remain there. I don’t know who it will be but I am more than willing to find somebody in the company to hand to torch over to and say ‘hey, you take the lead and I’ll follow you.’

“I’m near the end of my career. I’ve got three more years left with TNA Wrestling and then I’m done. I signed that deal with TNA so I can help the company. I want them to compete with WWE. It will take some time, but it will happen.”

In the remainder of this 20 minute interview, Kurt Angle also discusses his thoughts on Bobby Roode and why he considers Randy Orton to be one of the top guys in all of professional wrestling. This interview, along with many others, can be heard in its entirety exclusively on PW 24/7 Radio.

  • venom

    We know he’s not passing the torch to Roode.

  • Nicholas G

    I don’t really believe anything that comes out of Kurt Angle mouth anymore. He said how he wants more wrestling less talk. How they should be putting more young talent over. To me action speak louder then words. An lately Kurt Angle action has been totally the different then what you see on TV. To me WWE is way ahead an by putting young talent over then TNA. I mean to me it looks like all the old guys are thinking of them self. If Angle care more about putting young guys over like he said he does then why stay with a company that really shows know signs of putting any young guys over at all.

    I also don’t think Kurt Angle will ever be back in the WWE. The way he rip CM Punk and Randy Orton after last year WM 27 tells me that Kurt Angle is nothing more than an ass with a big ego. He also rip Jack Swagger saying how Jack use a move the ankle lock that Angle claim that he brought to the WWE. Which is another one of Angles many lies it was Ken Shamrock that brought the ankle lock to the WWE not Angle. An if Angle not willing to let a guy like Jack Swagger who is young use that move that tells me maybe Kurt Angle is ripping a lot of the younger guys in TNA behind stage. Like I say Angle ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS. An right now all your action say that you are only looking out for one person that is Kurt Angle. An that is why WWE will never bring you back until you get your act together.

  • Sumit lol

  • scooter

    how about rather than taking the kurt angle opened his mouth he must be talking shit approach you read what was said he’s saying guys like him and hogan etc. should be talking less and giving the tv time to the young guys to get them over! you know isn’t that what the internet has been saying for years but you know kurt angle said it so he must be wrong riiiiiiiiight?

  • Hasan

    God I hate this guy ! Never ever liked him.

  • Tombstonepildriver

    DAMN!! I was hoping he would say now.

  • ironcross

    jeff is supplying everyone with drugs at tna

  • MJ

    Hey Gary his twitter account ws “hacked” but its funny how he has only 3 years left so why not instead of him having the world title for the 5th time why not have him put over alot of guys?

  • Gary

    funny how kurt was trash talkin randy but now randy is the best atm…lol THE INTERVIEW WAS HACKED!