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Kurt Angle, Roman Reigns, Chris Jericho, and More Respond to Conor McGregor’s Recent Comments

Following UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor’s comments calling WWE stars a bunch of ‘pu**ies’, WWE Superstar Roman Reigns and former WWE Superstar Kurt Angle took to Twitter to respond to the Irishman’s comments:

  • Pixc

    bring ken shamrock back and you could have just that, but I reckon he is done with WWE and would only come back for something like Undertaker, Kurt is the best bet, but there are other options Kevin Owens being my choice, or maybe Dean Ambrose

  • Yespage

    Probably most wrestlers would get beaten, but the Swaggers and Angles would probably hold there own and win.

  • D2K

    I just thought of something. This would be a great way to bring back Kurt Angle to WWE. He’d be the perfect guy to stretch and hook McGregor at Wrestlemania. It would be cool if they could get the old ‘Lion’s Den’ cage out of moth balls and let them fight in there, but they’d never do that.

  • D2K

    And yet, with McGregor having a net worth of 2.5 million dollars, Brock Lesnar earned that in one night with one UFC fight. Plus he makes 6 million a year with a net-worth of 16 million.

    John makes 9.5 million year and has a net worth of 35 million.
    Triple H makes 2.8 million a year with a net-worth of 25 million.
    Randy Orton makes 2.7 million a year with a net-worth of 15 million.
    Seth Rollins makes 2.5 million a year.

    See, I can pick and choose too. Sure he makes more than the average WWE superstar, but the 5 WWE superstars I mentioned make more in a year than his total life net-worth.

    Stop troll-baiting and falling for McGregor’s click-baiting. He’s trying to build his Wrestlemania one-off match. Anyone with a synapse firing in their brain can see that.

    Also, calling people female genitalia and saying you would “knock their heads off’ is not close to being tremendously BAD mic skills in pro wrestling. Even in WWE where good mic skills are as common as a blue orange. he would get laughed out of the building with weak stuff like that.

  • jackson

    a profesional fighter says he is better at fighting than a group of actors who pretend to fight and the actors tell the fighter they are better at fighting than he is tho he makes a 10 year WWE salary from 1 fight, something the actors could also choose to do. the actors are just annoyed conor is better at WWEing than they are..

  • Mister Who

    I know right? Connor is right on what he said plus to me the WWE’s content is pussifed

  • D2K

    It’s painfully obvious now what WWE is getting in return for Lesnar fighting at UFC 200.

  • Chad Boswell

    This guy couldn’t handle a WWE Superstar’s schedule.

  • agentboolen

    My thoughts exactly, he’s probably just thinking about his April payday.

  • TheFizPop

    haha Morons taking this seriously. See you at Mania Connor