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Kurt Angle Sends A Message To Randy Orton, Title Change At TNA Lockdown

— Jeff Jarrett beat Kurt Angle in a two-out-of-three falls at TNA Lockdown. Angle used the RKO during the match, and then went on Twitter to comment on his use of the maneuver.

“Orton, I used Your Finish as a sign of Respect. Not to get back at U. Respect!” Angle wrote.

Angle complained two weeks ago via the social networking website about WWE performers using his trademark maneuvers at WrestleMania. Orton responded without mentioning Angle by name, and stated that people should be flattered when people use their moves.

— Mickie James captured the TNA Women’s Knockouts Championship from Madison Rayne at TNA Lockdown in a match that lasted approximately 35 seconds. It was the lone title change of the event.

As a result of her victory, James became the first woman to have held the WWE Women’s Championship, WWE Divas Championship, and the TNA Women’s Knockouts Championship.

Trish Stratus congratulated James on her victory, writing on Twitter, “Congrats to my girl new TNA Knockout Champ @mickiejames!”

  • Kevin

    Hey KNOW IT ALLS just google Kurt Angle released from WWE and click on the WWE webpage

    “It’s unfortunate that Kurt was released, and it’s really unfortunate for the WWE fans who, for a while at least, won’t see Angle in action,” the Chairman told “(Angle) is a consummate professional; obviously he’s a great athlete, and he’s the only Olympic Gold Medalist in WWE history. Not to have Kurt with us is really unfortunate all the way around…but circumstances were such that Kurt should have been, and was, granted his release.”

    However, McMahon also said that Angle’s success has come at a price, and that price is part of what led to his situation. “I think Kurt has some issues he has to face, as we all do from time to time. We all have our demons, and as human beings, it is important for us to overcome them and become better human beings, athletes and business people.”

  • Kevin

    Hey U aint awesome your an ass. I know he asked for his release but it was because vince wanted him too take more time off because of pills and his homefront. He didnt want too so they gave him his wish.

  • KitKrock

    TNA sucks but i heard the Kurt Angle match was good. KURT, come back to wwe man. Give YOUR REAL FANS the dream matches they’d like to see

  • U ain’t awesome

    Somebody just agree wit kevins dumb ass already so he can shut up. In his little pea brain kurt was released, but any real wrestling fan knows that kurt asked 4 his release.

  • Kevin

    All those spots in that match last night were blown by Angle!!! Suprised neither of the 2 broke there necks last night…. He got suspended was hooked on pills VINCE wanted him too take time off…Just google it Vinces own words says that Kurt was battling demons damn people just read it…

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    I was at LockDown in the second row last night. You can talk shit about Angle all you want but the performance he put on last night is something Randy Orton will never do in his career.

  • venom

    I see everybody is arguing over when Kurt left. Kurt was drafted to ECW and ended up getting suspended for 30 days in for the month of June or July. I remember before he served his suspension, he put over RVD clean on ECW. Then he came back and requested his release. As a result of Kurt’s actions, I lost respect for him on that part. Now this whole twitter thing is silly.

  • sean

    wow a decent build up just for a 35 second match

  • Paton

    angle trying to prove he was hacked…

    your not kidding anyone

  • mike

    haha TomC ive seen 12 year old kids hit an RKO on a trampoline better than Kurt did at Lockdown, im not interested in winning Olympic Gold Medals or wrestling contracts for that matter lol i was just commenting on what i had seen, and what i had seen is a washed up wrestler take another wrestlers move (or try to) as a way of getting back at him for using his move. Childish on Kurt’s part, he should be focused on entertaining fan’s not starting a twitter war with Randy, im sure Randy would kick Kurt’s ass in real life and im sure randy is more of a man Kurt will ever be, if u dont believe me ask Karen Jarrett. When your ready i would like to see YOUR olympic Gold Medals and YOUR “long term contracts” and calling TNA a top pro wrestling promotion makes me a little sick. TNA is sports entertainment like WWE whether they will admit it or not, they storyline their work to entertain a audience, idiot.

  • Kevin

    Hey, TomC im immature because you guys think your always right. Oh and im probably older then you. He asked for his RELEASE after he failed a drug test and was suspended 30 days and came back and VINCE wanted him too take more time off because of the pills and he was having family problems. Shit just google it he was released because he didnt want help!!!!! Maybe TOMC doesnt know how too read.

  • Jay EZ

    I’m so confident that Randy Orton doesn’t care that Angle did that, that I would put money on it.

  • TomC

    The level of immaturity (i.e. Kevin & ash) is laughable. As if either of you two can boast even a fraction of the success in either of your careers (that is, if you’re even old enough to wipe your own asses) that Kurt Angle has.

    Oh, and mike … would LOVE to see YOU execute an RKO perfectly. Let us all know when YOU win an Olympic gold medal and score yourself long term contracts with the two top pro-wrestling promotions, m’kay?

  • mike

    shame angle couldnt even hit the move properly lol nice sign of respect kurt

  • ash

    kurt angle you are a gay use a move cus they used urs grow up u crome dom e

  • CC

    No Kevin, Devil Rising is 100% correct. Kurt even said this in a statement himself that he had asked to be released so he could heal himself, and then turned round and signed with TNA straight away (he signed before his 90 day no compete was up, so couldnt wrestle for them straight away). Maybe there were issues with drugs, but it was certainly him asking for his release on medical grounds, not WWE booting him.

    As for the issue with the RKO. As mentioned, this kinda proves that Angles “my account was hacked” statement was bullshit, just as his “I wasnt drink driving” comment was bullshit.

    The RKO, Diamond Cutter and Stone Cold Stunner are all just variations of the same move, just as the Angle slam is a variation of the Samoan drop. No moves are that original anymore. Odd ones crop up from time to time, but just about everything has been done in some form or another over the years, and has just been adapted by newer wrestlers as time has gone on.
    Basically Kurt is being a bitch with this whole thing. Acting like he is the only person who can do certain moves, all the while forgetting that 99% of his wrestling moves have either been done by someone in the past or are the staple of most wrestlers movesets.

  • Kevin

    Personal reasons is why. He had just been suspended for 30 days….Dude loved the pain pills…

  • Kevin

    No you guys are wrong he had personal demons that Vince wanted him too fix with time off…Kurt said no and didnt want to take it. He was taking pills like candy for all the pain but didnt want too go home so they released him on good terms.

  • adam

    @devil_rising. He doesnt do the diamond cutter right because it isnt the diamond cutter it is his own move. It is very similar but orton is alot more athletic then page ever was and gets higher in the air with his jump and deilvers it harder. Also wwe would take angle back if he could pass a drug test which i doubt him or anyone in tna could do so most likely not happneing.

  • Devil_Rising

    @Kevin Actually, no, he did ask for his release. I think you’re thinking of Jeff Hardy. He asked for his release, claiming that he was “burnt out” from wrestling, that his health was suffering, and that he thought his career might be over. He also accused WWE of “running him too hard”, as if they wouldn’t have given him time off. He WAS just in ECW, after all. I think that was the real issue, is that he was on the “C” show, and didn’t like it. Because next thing you know, shortly after leaving, the guy who “might not be able to wrestle again”, was wrestling in TNA, where they treated him like the top dog.

    Coincidence? I think not. I respect Angle, but that BS made me dislike him quite a bit.

  • Devil_Rising

    So………..Angle used the Diamond Cutter, which Orton NEVER does right anyway? Who cares? lol

  • Me

    So now all these wrestlers are always fighting with eachother over Twitter!? Soon we’ll see them stop in the middle of matches to go tweet on their blackberrys in the corner about what move is coming next haha.

  • Kevin

    Hey Jon-Jon oh my bad they told him take time off because he was on all sorts of pills and he was having personal problems. He said NO then they released him!!! He got RELEASED!!! They would’nt take him back with open arms when he cant pass a drug test either..

  • Kurt asked to be released by the WWE. They didn’t fire him. Get your facts straight. If Kurt wanted to go back, they would welcome him with open arms, but he’s not gonna get the same schedule Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker had/have, so that’s his reasoning behind not coming back.

  • Kevin

    All I got too say is Angle wishes he was in the BIG LEAGUES!!! I dont want to hear how he could but he is resigning with TNA because Vince released his ASS when he kept popping pills!!!

  • So this proves those comments were from Angle, now. As if there was any question of it to begin with 😛