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Kurt Angle Talks Regrets Leaving WWE, Mickie James Return

– Dixie Carter announced on Twitter that Mickie James would be returning to Impact this Thursday night.

“Thrilled to have @MickieJames back and 100% on #ImpactWrestling this Thurs in a #1 Contender Knockout Battle Royal.”

– Kurt Angle recently spoke with The Otago Daily Times in New Zealand on if he had any regrets about leaving WWE.

“No. Impact Wrestling has treated me very well. They gave me time off when I needed it, and they paid me a lot of money to come here. Do I miss the Wrestlemania crowds and the Royal Rumble crowds? Yes, I do. It was hard to walk away from that. I felt, for my family and for my health at the time, I had to seek a reduced schedule. I had a painkiller problem, and problems with my marriage, and I kind of took it out on Vince McMahon. He was trying to make me the guy, before John Cena came along. I just didn’t do the right things. I blame myself for that. You live and you learn, and I’m happy with TNA.”

  • Matt

    he’s laying the ground work for his return right there 😀


    was that a sober moment?

  • Jon

    Just too bad Kurt can’t stop drinking and posting everytime. I would really believe this but knowing Kurt.

  • JameTheodore

    Mods are sucking KJ’s dick

  • Joshy

    Im gonna drink a big glass of milk!

  • Mark

    alast some honesty from Kurt . long time due

  • Jeremy

    Angle will return to WWE in the next 4 years. Oh its true! Its damn true.

  • Razo Power

    Awww Kurt its true.