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Kurt Angle tells his secret on RAW, reveals that current WWE Superstar is his son (video)

Kurt Angle

We finally got to find out what Kurt Angle’s secret was tonight on RAW. Angle and Corey Graves have been receiving text messages backstage on recent episodes of RAW. Angle claimed that if this information got out, it would destroy his reputation. Last week on RAW, Angle announced that he would reveal the secret to the WWE Universe tonight. During the beginning of tonight’s episode, Angle was having second thoughts but Corey Graves convinced him that this was the best thing to do.

RAW GM Kurt Angle made his way to the ring to kick off the third hour of RAW. The crowd greeted him with the usual “you suck!” chants as Angle entered the ring. Angle revealed that he dated a woman in college and that the woman gave birth to a baby boy 9 months after their last date. He also stated that the boy was put up for adoption and was taken in by a family that raised him with strong American values.

That boy then grew up with the dream of becoming a WWE Superstar. Angle got emotional and then announced that WWE Superstar Jason Jordan is his son. Jason Jordan then came down to the ring and the two shared a hug.

  • jedi

    With the way they have buried them since hitting smackdown hopefully Jordan can get a push. I think Gable is a casualty of Vince not seeing him as big enough…..

  • Sparti Love

    He forgot to mention that Dixie Carter is the mother

  • Jon Poyser

    Be thankful that it’s not Dixie

  • M

    All that hype for nothing, in my opinion. Just hope they don’t break up AA for this bs.

  • Brad Grillakis

    So similar concept to Hornswoggle and Vince but now we have Kurt (GM not Owner) and Jason?

    Horrible secret imo.

  • Killswitch

    That’s not even halfway believable for the sake of kayfabe.