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Kurt Angle Upset with His Listing on a WWE DVD, Mick Foley Responds

– Kurt Angle isn’t happy about being #34 on WWE’s Top 50 Superstars of All-Time DVD that was released at the end of 2010. He wrote on Twitter yesterday:

“I was #34 of Wwe All time Greatest? Tell You what, take Me off the list. I’d rather not be on it, if I wasn’t top 5. Who Ranks Wrestlers?

I have never been More Insulted By Wwe top 50.#34 to Me Is a kick to the balls!Take Me out of ratings.please.U think fans will buy that crap

Shawn Michaels Deserves #1. He has Been Putting On Awesome Matches for Well Over 20something Years. I Will Not Complain. It is What It Is!!!”

Mick Foley, who was ranked #33, responded:

“I was pretty happy to be #33 on @WWE Greatest Stars of All Time. Guessing Kurt Angle wasn’t so pleased to be #34 – kind or a perfectionist.

My youmger kids are SO into trying to guess the top 10 stars of all-time. Really didn’t picture myself watching @WWE DVD’s a few years ago.”

  • Ronni

    @Venom, so your saying we should shoot them? hahaha

  • Bazerko

    Clearly this top 50 list only takes into account who is the most entertaining performer in wwe history. To not put an olympic gold medal winning wrestler in the top 10 of that list is kinda ridiculous lol

  • venom

    Has anybody seen that movie The Crazies? That’s the TNA locker room.

  • Nicholas

    Man Kurt Angle is never coming back to the WWE with that kind of attitude an good ridden. Kurt Angle does know that is was not the WWE fans who voted for the top 50 Greatest Wrestler. It was the guys he has been working with that is right the wrestlers them self are the one who put that DVD together. What does that tell you about what the wrestler them self think of Kurt Angle. I been saying this for a while and it is becoming crystal clear about Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle has only been out for one person from the very begging and that is Kurt Angle. You know it getting harder and harder to tell if Angle is even telling the truth anymore. Right now he could do some kind of crime and we would believe he is guilt wait he has already done that too. I am still laughing at the though of Kurt Angle going into the Olympics next year don’t think it is happening because he probably wouldn’t pass the piss test at this point. Kurt Angle has really lost touch with himself and seems like never coming back from what planet he is on.

    Finally if his peers are not liking him now that is not a good thing. Kurt Angle to me is a lost soul and right now don’t really care if he every comes back to the WWE. Because he is truing out to be nothing but an crazy man.

  • StudDog

    ^ ^ ^ His NWA days were a lot better than his WWF days. And IMO he was pretty good in your opinion maybe not so much, to each his own.

  • Sean Mooney

    I thought Kurt was talking about his milk truck moment on OMG top 50 DVD (in which case I was wondering why he’d care). The Top 50 Superstars DVD seemed like close to a year ago and the list was ridiculous.

    @Stud Dog – Lex Luger?? He lacked both talent and charisma, how do you figure he was better than Kurt?

  • StudDog

    When talking about the best dont forget names like Harley Race, Johnny Weaver, Ricky Steamboat, Jay Youngblood, Magnum TA, Lex Luger, Terry Funk, Jerry and Jack Brisco, Just to name a few. Not all great wrestlers but all great entertainers IMO. And kurt jusat does not come close to these names imo. Do not know if any of these are on the list but they are some of the greatest of all time.

  • piepiepie

    Kurt has turned into a self absorbed douchebag – no doubt about it. He does have a point though – the fact that he isn’t in the top 10 is a bit of a joke.

  • Matt

    Also don’t forget the list is the GREATEST wrestlers, not the BEST wrestlers. If I would make a list about the BEST wrestlers, I would no doubt include him in the top five along with bret, hbk, flair, steamboat.

  • Matt

    I would list angle in the top ten but not in the top five because there is no way that he should be listed higher than austin, taker, rock, hbk, hogan (he cant wrestle but you cant deny his impact on the business), triple h.

  • StudDog

    Kurt never should have been ranked #34, That is totally not fair. I would have ranked him #42.

  • venom

    Kurt, put the beer cans down before you go complain on twitter.

  • Stashathan

    yes Kurt was crying, maybe he would actually be up higher if he stayed
    i have to say that Kurt was my FAVORITE until i saw some of his crap in TNA, he really downgraded

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    His twitter was hacked.

  • CC

    “I Will Not Complain. It is What It Is”
    Really? Cause Kurt sure sounded like he was complaining … a lot … to me.
    He really is a mark for himself.