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Kurt Angle: WWE has “some wonderful plans” for him going forward

There’s some exciting stuff in the works for Kurt Angle and WWE if his latest interview with Brian Fritz at Sporting News is anything to go by. Given Angle is weeks away from a coveted Hall of Fame induction, talk has already turned to what the former Olympian will do after that, and whether he could be involved with Raw or SmackDown story lines. Here is what he had to say:

“To be able to come back and Vince say just let it go, let everything in the past go. We’re here now, there’s nothing you need to worry about that occurred in the past. Just worry about right now and the future. We have some wonderful plans for you in the future.”

On what those plans may include, Angle commented:

“I know, for sure, they want me to work in the company, most likely in a non-wrestling capacity. They know I’ve been active and they know that I can still go just as well as I’ve ever gone.

We haven’t talked about it but, I’m sure, in the back of their minds they’re thinking we’re going to release Kurt Angle on some of these talents in the future. It’s not guaranteed and I have not talked to them about it at all. Seeing people like Sting and Goldberg come back to do some programs, it’s promising that Kurt Angle will get a shot.”

Many folk have been fantasy booking Kurt Angle in a General Manager/Commissioner type role, but how would you guys book him if he were to return. Would love to hear your comments below…

  • Jolly Green Giant

    Honestly, would love to see him do a Tough Enough, similar to what was on USA Network when Stone Cold was the host. I think he would bring a very unique dynamic to that show with all of his experiences!

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