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Kurt Angle’s 2012 Summer Olympic Hopes In Jeopardy Following Injury

Kurt Angle told TMZ Thursday he sustained a major injury which could jeopardize his mission to wrestle at the 2012 Summer Olympics Games.

Angle, who won a gold medal for heavyweight freestyle wrestling at the 1996 Games, called in to TMZ Live and explained, “I injured my hamstring this morning, it is a tear.”

The Impact Wrestling Superstar says the injury occurred during a training session this morning and he has an MRI scheduled for Friday

He says, “I still plan on going [to the Olympics] … I’ve been training for a whole year now … so it all depends on how it heals … but if this tear is really bad, there’s a chance I may not go.”

  • all the way

    Angle stop acting like a lil bitch u know u don’t have a chance

  • Kris

    # Bill, dont forget his classic rap battle with cena..Huganomics, funny stuff

  • adam

    Well at least he got hurt early and didnt have to submit a drug test to the trials because we all know how that would of ended for him. He seriously needs to hang it up i mean he is really entertaing and a awesome wrestler but enough is enough. You won the gold medal dont try to tarnish that by trying to get back in when you have no buisness being there anymore. As for fake wrestling i think its about time he retires from that as well.

  • Bill

    Well, at least he’s trying. As for his recent “blunders”, I just try to remember his classic WWE moments, like “Sexy Kurt”, his WM 19 Lesnar match, & the “Woooo!” Contests with Ric Flair.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    A tear in his hamstring.. Somehow I doubt he’s not going to take off much needed time from wrestling to heal.

  • Will Henderson

    he Kurt, your body is telling you something,and that something is retire already. just walk away while you can, you are a future WWE Hall of Famer, you have done a lot in your pro wrestling career, you did a lot for armature wrestling too, but your body, health and age is leading you to an early grave if you keep wrestling, just retire away for not just your fan, but your family and your life and health.

  • Anthony

    First of all he’s not a druggie he lost all that weight getting in shape for the Olympics dumb ass. Second. I hope he’s able to make it and he does well in the Olympics.

  • theMark

    Angle prolly thinks the winner gets a lifetime supply of Pills that f*cking scrawny pathetic druggie
    hopefully he kills his family and himself like that loser Benoit

  • Kamala’s other foot

    My dear twin brother, shut the hell up about talking trash to one of the greatest pure wrestler of all time.

  • Matt

    Even if hes 100% healthy, Kurt is too old for the olympic, he would lose in the first round.