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Kurt Angle Believes He Was Framed In Drunk Driving Arrest reports that Kurt Angle believes he’s been framed in connection with his arrest Sunday morning on charges of driving under the influence.

Kurt Angle’s attorney Frank Smith tells TMZ his client was asked to submit to a breathalyzer test and passed. “We understand Kurt will be entering a plea of not guilty in response to any infractions and/or offenses,” he adds.

Sources close to the 2012 Olympic hopeful say the “cops are just trying to make an example of him.”

TMZ notes that someone who is not legally drunk can still be arrested for driving under the influence if drugs or alcohol impair the driver’s ability to navigate the road.

The TNA World Heavyweight Champion was arrested in Virginia and taken to Warren County Jail. He posted $2,000 bond and was released at 3:31 a.m.

  • Matthew Farrell

    Typical right wing douche response: “waaaaaa
    aah, I’ve been framed, it’s all a liberal conspiracy.”

  • Josh Eaton

    It’s not just the IRS scandle. Left-wing elements are targeting real Americans all over the country, for anything they can. Real or made up. Yeah, they’re trying to turn Kurt Angle, an American Hero, into a criminal.

  • breezy

    I was driving down the street minding my own affair. when 2 police men stopped me unaware. they said is your name kurt? I said why sure. you’re the boy I been looking for. oh I was framed!

  • Ricardo

    Chris E – you are right, even medications cause 0.06.

    If any of you morons did any basic research before coming here and spewing stupid opinions, you should know that 0.06 is incredibly low – any beer would get you above that. You can be as high as 0.5 and guess what – you’re still not drunk. Why don’t you just stop and think that maybe the state limit is too low?

    I love the US – even though I don’t live there. So, I don’t know how representative IWC idiots are, but if now in the US there’s a tendency for people to be zealots who consider everyone who drinks is a drunk, then folks… we’re in bad shape. The land of the free, alright.

  • Omar

    Im sure Angle was just Woooooooo-ing, police thought that he was under influence and when asked he must have instinctively blurted “Its true! Its DAMN true!”

  • The Real Joe. remember that storyline?

    Go to the sports section at tmz to look at the mugshot. He looks hella happy. Haha

  • chris smith

    What I live in Warren County VA.

  • Nick Is Awsome

    Oh come one everyone knows that this is step 3 in the genesis of matt hardy step 1 fake a suicice. Step 2 retract the suicide and step 3 screw over the current tna champion by hiring some cops to pull him over and arrest him for DUI Step4 is call tna a bunch of hypocrit bastards for not firing him as well…..Im just kidding who wants to bet when angle got pulled over he was yelling Im an olympic gold medalist.

  • d

    tna total incarceration action

  • me

    angle is getting more retarded by the minute.

  • Jimbo

    I just hope Angle isn’t heading down the same path as Scott Hall….

  • Jon

    It not all TNA western it just Matt and Jeff and Kurt.3 to many but not all of them

  • simple

    What his twitter was hacked not hes being framed. HA thats a good one.
    Anywho, its REAL simple say he fails the field test may it be for alchol or a controlled substance. If the office on duty make the call based on the driver cohesion. Then he can be charged with a DWI (not dui) and then at the station he would have to give consent to a blood test. If he refused, then he would automatically hang himself as far as 100% guilty. So this bullshit of im being framed. Come on dude.
    Does that mean every time I DONT win the lottery the shit is rigged? Yeah……

  • jay are

    maybe he was with the hardy boys! you know they are as clean as…
    whats up with the tna wrestlers, anything to give the company a good name and recognition. maybe the cop didn’t like the way kurt won the match on Thursday? yea call on r-truth there’s a conspiracy at tna against drunks and drug addicts! who’s next!!

  • Dick Coxafloppin

    Does anybody know what channel or stream the Warren County Olympics will be on?

  • Rucdogg

    It looks bad when the same shit keeps happening and its easy to say he was guilty but from the actual news ive read, not tmz, he passed the breathalizer and was pretty much swerving from texting and driving, which is against the law where I live. Damn Kurt quit messing up.

  • aj satyre

    um… why is anyone calling him a drunk douche. straight edge people need to get a life.. .06 is far better than 90% of people leaving a bar

  • Jeff

    Just shows you that ANYBODY can be arrested it dont matter how famous you are…The law is the law

  • Gregorski

    Can you imagine what he’s got floating around his blood stream? I think the last thing Kurt wants is to have someone examine his blood.

  • Chris E.

    I doubt there is a conspiracy. However, I was amazed to see a report (Dr. Oz) on how people on medications can be pulled over and cited for being impaired. Makes sense, and they made a strong point of alerting what medications and interactions can cause issues. This might have zero to do with alcohol.

  • Symbiote

    He always talked about integrity maybe he should start acting with some. You drive drunk you should face the consequences!!

  • Lynnrae

    Kurt… Just stop now before you make yourself look like more of a jackass.

  • CC

    Tomorrow he will retract this statement and say that the cops were just doing their jobs.

  • jim

    The Cops name is Little Jimmy

  • Jason

    LOL @ Buttercastle

    I said that in another post.

  • Splash

    Someone must’ve spiked Kurt’s milk before he left WWE and now he’s hooked for life.

  • Mazdog23

    A breathalizer is crap. The only true method is a blood test. You can blow a .06 by drinking cough medacine for a cold. Legally he should have made them denied the breathalizer and requested a blood test.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    That is hilarious, the cops are out to get Kurt! Maybe he can get Truth and together fight this conspiracy.

  • Buttercastle

    Maybe the police’s breathalyzer test was hacked Kurt, cuz you know that sorta thing happens all the time!