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Kurt Angle’s Feelings For Vince McMahon, Says Leadership Is Lacking In WWE

Kurt Angle spoke exclusively with Alex Barie’s last week in an interview that has the entire Internet buzzing. Below are some of the highlights:

Admiration for Vince McMahon:

Kurt Angle: “I am very grateful what Vince [McMahon] did to me. He utilized me the right way. I believe if I would have went to WCW, it would have taken a heck of a lot longer to get to where I am now.”

Thoughts on the Chris Benoit tragedy:

Kurt Angle: “…it was such a tragedy that I was more confused to what happened and tried to figure out how a tragedy like that could happen especially since Chris [Benoit] was such a nice and caring guy.”

WWE lacking leadership today:

Kurt Angle: “…Undertaker, Triple H, Austin, The Rock… Those guys were such great leaders. I think that is what is lacking today. The Attitude Era there were so many great wrestlers.”

Who will carry the business in the future:

Kurt Angle: “I’m trying to think of young talent because when you are talking about the CM Punks, the Randy Ortons, and the AJ Styles… they are all in their thirties. That is not young talent… doesn’t mean they are not new talent. There are guys… I’ll give you a guy that will be a huge star. He’s only 25 right now, but he will be a huge star in the next three or four years, whether it be in TNA or somewhere else and that’s Magnus.”

Click here now as Kurt opens up exclusively to

  • Tyler(:

    Actually I normally think SYM is a “douche bag” but he has a point.

    and “I think Punk has been doing just fine as a leader. Remind me again, how long did angle hold the title? Oh yeah, that’s right, not as long as Punk has.”

    CM Mark clearly does not know wrestling is Booked.

  • barry horowitz

    Dont worry guys SYM is just a little troll douche bag who likes to come on here and act like hes mr. Inside knowledge like he knows the inner workings of wwe like hes got vinces office bugged and im sure he thinks hes such a “cool” guy cuz people like punk and he doesnt how rebellious of you SYM basically youre a little troll with no girlfriend popping his pimples hoping his little insignificant opinion will get people angry so he can sit there all smug and act like mr.know it all and forget for 2minutes what a fuckin loser virgin he is.

  • Anon


    Again, what was I wrong about? YOU made the initial assumptions. And you’re admitting that neither of us know for sure. So why bash the guy just to hate on him? Makes no sense.

    And FYI, if he did stand up for them, it doesn’t necessarily mean it worked. Hell, he publicly stood up for Gallows, Cabana, etc, and none of them got hired back..

  • maskedrider83

    Also cm punk is the one who should need to add more moves to his arsenal not angle. And in wrestling if u can keep your same gimmick for years that’s a good thing.

  • maskedrider83

    I think sym is right, I don’t see nothing good coming fron the wwe when it comes to leadership, plus I hear punk is a selfish individual.

  • CM Mark

    CM Punk is STILL the champ, AND the best in the world!

    Kurt Angle is a has been with a chunk of metal he “one”, WHOOPS, I mean “won” so many years ago you have to go and google it to figure out when.

    Sad Face Troll boy, sad face ;-(

    Don’t worry maybe one day you’ll pick a winner, or you’ll just keep on being the guy nobody likes.

  • CM Mark

    You missed my point. Of course you did.

    I’m not going to bother responding to a little Troll like you again. So feel free to name call all you want. After all the only REAL opinion you have is the opinion that is against everyone else.

    I see you’ve learned to google now! Well done!

    Next time why don’t you check your spelling with google before you write your little uneducated diatribes trying to make yourself look all big and important on here.

    Feel free to talk all the sh*t you want. I won’t be acknowledging your presence again.

    Feel free to google my response so you can understand the big words little troll man.

  • SYM

    @CM Mark learn to Count the 1996 Olympics was 16 years Ago, not even 2 Decades. Fucking dumbass CM Punk Mark.

  • CM Mark

    How many years ago was that again? Does anyone even remember.

    No SYM Punk hasn’t got “one” medal, I think Angle might have “won” a medal three or four decades ago. It’s surely been that long since he changed his gimmick or learned a new move, that’s for sure.

  • SYM

    @CM Mark remind me again how many Gold Medals has Punk one? You thinking that how Long someone holds a title, makes them better than another is Stupid. If thats the case then Cena is better than every Hall of Famer, and your hero CM Punk.

    @Anon really the finger pointing game just admit your wrong and call it a day. As far as we know CM Punk hasn’t spoken for the Lowcard guys if that was the case then JTG wouldn’t had to go on Twitter and Tweet his griefs.

  • Anon


    Started by me? Hardly. You’re the one who made the allegations & assumptions that Punk doesn’t speak up for anybody in the locker room.

    Newsflash: Just because he doesn’t speak out publicly, in front of everybody, DOESN’T mean he doesn’t speak out privately.

    You made the initial assumption that he doesn’t stand up for them. You didn’t back it up. Neither of us have proof one way or another, so why assume either way? Why bash the guy when YOU HAVE NO IDEA?

  • CM Mark

    I think Punk has been doing just fine as a leader. Remind me again, how long did angle hold the title? Oh yeah, that’s right, not as long as Punk has.

  • Paton

    talking about WWE 24/7, he’ll be back before you know it

  • Nicholas

    Watch in a couple of days Kurt Angle going to be online saying how he is sorry when he said there is no leaderships in the WWE. This Angle is so full of himself and he never stand by with what he said or do anymore. Look the only reason why Kurt Angle is not in the WWE is because the WWE don’t want him and don’t need him. They are doing fine without him. It is not like Kurt Angle done very much to help out TNA all he did was help himself. I rather trust CM Punk at is word then Kurt Angle because he seems to have no idea what he is talking about anymore.

  • ChrisDV

    How does Kurt know there aren’t any leaders in the WWE locker room these days? He hasn’t worked there in years.

  • Angry Benny

    I cant believe I’m going on record and saying this but Sym is right, nobody spoke up, Punk was suppose to be the voice of the voiceless and didn’t speak up from what the article was written, maybe a union can get this together, but this is a business, I work in a corporate setting and we have guidelines, we have a lot of concerns, but the one who speaks out too much get the Good luck in your future endeavors, well not like that but you get the point, They know what they signed up for, if it works, good, and if it sucks, well oh well, they are lucky to have made it this far, IMO

  • SYM

    @Anon how do you Know he did Speak up for them? How do we know John Cena stood up for them? The simple fact is that we don’t know, so this Speculation of what was said (Started by you) is ridiculous. We do know there was a RAW Meeting, and No one Spoke out.

  • Best In The World

    Angle will be back in WWE by the end of the year

  • Anon

    @SYM: How do you know Punk didn’t say something to Vince after the meeting? Why would he speak up for them, while they’re there, & embarrass them like that?

    There’s obviously a reason why they’re getting another check (I don’t buy the “there was a mistake” story). How do you know that wasn’t Punk speaking up for them?

    BTW, does Angle even know that Triple H is still there, and Taker & Rock are still there part-time (full-time when it matters the most)?

  • poko

    Magnus does have a ton of upside. I think TNA can see that, since they appear to be working to keep him on camera. I’d like to see him as TV champion.

  • Loopy420

    TNA doesn’t need new leaders…….. They will belly up soon

  • SYM

    WWE is definitely lacking leadership since all of their Top Guys are in it for themselves. Yes even the “Voice of the Voiceless” your hero CM Punk. Lets face it if he was really the “Voice of the Voiceless” he would’ve said something for the Lowcarders at that RAW Meeting. But as long as he’s making money he has nothing to Bitch about right? -_-