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Our Lady Peace Discuss Retiring The Late Chris Benoit’s WWE Theme Song

Jon Chattman of The Huffington Post conducted an interview with Canadian alternative rock band Our Lady Peace where they discuss how they’ve had to retire Chris Benoit’s WWE theme song “Whatever” altogether because of the incomprehensible tragedy that took place five years ago.

Over a three-day period ending on June 24, 2007, Benoit killed his wife Nancy and strangled his seven-year-old son Daniel before committing suicide via hanging. Chattman, a music blogger, asks band frontman Raine Maida and guitarist Steve Mazur if they still play “Whatever” following the event.

“I couldn’t imagine singing that to be honest, it’s so tied into him and the tragedy that happened, I just couldn’t get it out of my head,” says Mazur.

Maida adds they’ve removed the song from their catalog. Chattman thinks it “sucks” they no longer play it since it’s such a “kickass” song.

  • Diesel


    He had his drug problems in the past I agree, but if I remember correctly WWE released him a few years back untill he got himself back together & WWE re signed him. Also he didn’t murder his loved ones like Benoit did, ok yes the circumstances behind it were drug related but he wasn’t all there mentally. Benoit was a great wrestler I don’t deny, but Benoit the person was obviously suffering from something far worse.

  • black sincarsa

    wihs beonit did,t die he was beant to win the ecw title and maybe a other world title run

  • adam

    @Diesel. eddie kind of did it to himself as well with all the drugs he did in the past it just caught up to him. Also greg benoit was a much better wrestler then eddie was. Eddie was a better charcter but benoit was a million times better then him in the ring. Also yes benoit was messed up. But it was because he was sick all those headbutts he kept doing and concusions he had and never getting them treated eventually pushed him over the edge.

  • Greg

    Chris Benoit was a sick fuck, he stole his wife from a wcw staff member, had affairs, tried disciplining WWE employees about “respect”, killed his own son and wife…..he was an alright wrestler, Eddie Guerrero shit on him as a performer.

  • Chris

    K3G = Marky Mark…Benoit is a murderer, end of story. Put your wrestling mark glasses aside. So what if Benoit was a good wrestler, he’s legacy will forever end with…and he murdered his wife, his child than hung himself. NEWS FLASH: The shit you see on TV CSI, Dexter…it’s not real. Half that crap you see of CSI, no PD in the world has access to it…or it’s so far fetched it’s impossible.

    He probably did have mental issues…doesn’t change the fact he’s a murderer.

  • SYM


  • Diesel

    I’m not a “hater” or a religious nut, but I miss the likes of Owen Hart, Davey Boy, Curt Hennig and Eddy Guerrero way more than I miss Benoit.

  • greatest one


    If he did in fact commit suicide and the murders, he had some strong brain damage. People with TBI are simply tough to deal with emotionally. You don’t see anyone else dropping head butt after head butt any more do you? IMO wwe knows that move is what sentenced him. The brain is a weird machine that when damaged, Is hard to control

  • adam

    @bloodstone. I like the song to and i think it sucks they dont play it anymore. But i could see why they dont. I mean the song basically was benoit’s charcter and if playing that reminds them of what happened then i could see them never wanting to play it again.

  • voice of reason

    i dont know who they had forensic wise to look at the crime scene if it was the pd forensic dept then they are highly trained if it is the fbi then you are looking at people at the top in their fields.

  • K3G

    Something still tells me that Benoit was innocent.

    Its still possible that he was set up because forensics couldn’t really come up with the actual scenario that occured during that horrific event which led them to conclude that it was a double-murder-suicide.

    If they had a top forensics officer like ‘Dexter’, I guarentee it that it would of been a complete differnt result to what it is now.

  • SYM


  • Lord KGM

    That song should be played period. The Benoit story will never have light at the end of the tunnel. Nobody knows who did what and how it was done. I dont believe the media but I also dont believe Chris was completely right either. Let’s just say millions of dollars can replace anything ever created…with that said, well done WWE and keep your eyes open superstars…

  • black sincarsa

    i cant lisen to it anymopre eiher

  • Peep this

    That pos name should be banned from this site. The only two that should rest in peace are Nancy and Daniel.
    Accomplishments or not in the end his crime over shadows everything in life he will be remembered for not what he did but what acts he committed. Nuff said on that matter.

  • voice of reason

    but before people jump on me i forgot to add nancy & daniel most definately did not deserve to meet their ends in the way chris made them meet it.

  • voice of reason

    religious debates are always a no win situation so i will not comment on that.

    but i will say it is sad that such an illustrious career by such a talented wrestler is overshadowed by his last moments on this earth, my only hope is that chris may find the peace in death that he never had in life.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    As a wrestling fan, it’s extremely difficult to watch a Benoit match no matter how good it is, and every time I hear that song, I cannot help but think of all that went down in the end. I can understand why they’d never want to perform it again, I don’t think I’d voluntarily listen to it again. Good song though.

  • Ajd

    I remember bumpin tha song in the car when he died….then when the truth came out i stopped listening to it. Its dead now but let him his wife n kid RIP

  • 1919dpg

    @superman how would that excuse him from other tragedies like natural disasters? which according to the 3 main monotheistic religions he has dominion over..

    also why would god even create ”evil” just to condemn people for it later. he could have easily created a universe where ”evil” is simply non existent..

  • zach

    the song didnt make him do it, keep playing it

  • Superman

    God gave man free will man did with it what he saw fit explaining such tragedies

  • JayHawk

    If they want to retire the son out of respect for what happened then there is nothing wrong with that. Benoit was a great wrestler now his legacy is gone do to what happened all we can do is remember the man we loved to watch and not what happened what is done is now done no turning back even though we wish we could time to move on and let them rest.

  • b c Mitchell

    Its a wrestling website can we please leave religion out of it.

  • 1919dpg

    @gorrilla i have not disrespected your beleifs in the least.. i’ve simply questioned them. there’s a massive difference.

  • Gorilla

    Your entitled to your opinion but respect my mine as i do yours …amen

  • moo

    There’s no holding me baaaack.

  • 1919dpg

    @gorilla do u really think that if an intervening god existed he would let such tragedys happen?

    to be brief i’ll say either

    1. god sees wats happening yet can’t do anything about it which renders him useless so their’s no point in praying.

    2. he can do something about it but rather not.. which means he’s evil.

    3. HE DOESN’T EXIST which is obviously the most logical point of view.


    The band should retire they suck

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  • Bill

    It’s a shame about the Benoit story. He did such a terrible thing that none of us wanted to see. I would’ve loved to see him here today in the ring & hear that famous music.

  • Ant

    @bloodstone..u dont get it and probably never will

  • bloodstone

    i don’t see what the big deal is .it’s a killer song why rob the world of it .this is about as Ridiculous as when everybody thought the band Anthrax should of change the name of their band because some tool sent out Anthrax laced letters in new york

  • Gorilla

    May God Bless everyone effected by that tragedy its a shame an innocent child lost his life may Jesus comfort his soul…amen

  • Ray

    I completely agree with them. I was a HUGE fan of Benoit and that song in particular and I couldn’t imagine trying to sing or rerelease it if I were a musician. I also miss Benoit.

    He was so fucking awesome to watch. But, alas, things happen. May all three rest in peace.