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Lance Hoyt Discusses His Release From WWE, Favorite Moments In Wrestling

The Sharpshooter Press conducted an interview with former WWE talent Lance Hoyt (a/k/a Vance Archer). Highlights are as follows:

ECW: “ECW was a great place for new WWE stars to establish themselves with WWE Univ. Look at some of the top stars now with WWE. They started on ECW and are now working the top spots on the other brands. Unfortunately for me and some others. ECW was ended and so the opportunities it provided for many of us. I believe if ECW had continued that I would have been able to better establish myself and move forward within the company.”

Teaming with Curt Hawkins and his unexpected release from WWE: “I believed we would have definitely been given more of a chance. I never believed things would change so drastically and quickly. But that is how this biz works sometimes. The release came out of no where for me. I knew things weren’t great but I believed it would just take some time to get things back on track. The reason given was financial. True or not. That’s what was told to me. Again. You never say Never in this biz. If the situation was right for both parties. Who knows. I could be back one day. But, right now I am VERY happy working with NJPW.”

Favorite matches and experiences: “I’ve had a lot of great experiences with many great people. So narrowing it down to one event or one guy is hard. I really enjoyed working with Abyss and Monty Brown in TNA. Had some amazing matches with them. Abyss at Sacrifice ’05 and Monty at the first BFG. I had a really good series with Shelton Benjamin in ECW/WWE and would have been great to see where that would have gone had ECW continued. Wrestlemania was Amazing! Just getting to walk out in front of all those people. Lace up the boots and have some fun on the biggest stage in the biz. Not a lot of people get that chance.”

Hoyt also discusses how Florida Championship Wrestling enhanced his career, the fans’ lack of respect in the United States compared to Japan, his aspirations for the future, and more. The full interview can be accessed here.

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    Today is a slow day at work for me. Vance needs to get over the fact that he sucked. He was so bland and creative had nothing for him. Everytime he does these interviews he said it was money issues on why he was released. His tramp stamp was his down fall.

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