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Lance Storm Gives Advice to WWE, Will John Laurinaitis Wrestle?, Birthdays

– Former WWE Tag Team Champion Bill “Demolition Ax” Eadie turns 64 years old today while Bart Gunn turns 48, Bill Goldberg turns 45, Chyna turns 41 and TNA Knockout Rosita turns 21.

– Former WWE Superstar Lance Storm gave some advice to WWE after watching last night’s RAW Supershow. He wrote:

“Advice to RAW. Stop having everyone point out each others flaws, especially legit ones. Why is everyone burying the talent and the product?”

– While it didn’t happen on last night’s RAW Supershow, there has actually been talk of having John Laurinaitis work a match.

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  • Jon

    You know you’re a 12 year old when you’re name has a smiley in it #Tyler(:

  • Kamala’s Foot


    You go ahead and do that with your thumb up your ass.

  • Jason

    All you wwe fans for the most part are kids Tyler. That is what WWE aims for which is why I don’t watch that shit anymore. TNA/ROH FTW

  • Tyler(:

    @ogitchida you say Triple H held people down? look how Punk got to this status? Bitching about signing a contract so he gets offered a better deal to stay.

    Fact is you say Triple H fans must be 12 years old? when in reality, It’s Zack Ryder, CM Punk and JoMo fans that are kids. JoMo’s gone, can’t wait for Ryder to leave also.

  • Chris E.

    Anything is better than having the talent tell each other how great the other is, and how much they respect them as competitors. That era drove me nuts.

  • deva

    I meant signamania not LOTR

  • deva

    damn rosita just turn 21, I met her at LOTR and was flirty with her thinking she was more like 23-24, LOL and she was only 20 at the time

  • ogitchida

    your right Triple H never did point out any flaws(on raw)of cm punk…. thats probably cuz he did while he was in bed with steph… just like every other wrestler he has held down… Triple H has lost all my repsect… you prbably wouldnt know anything about that cuz your probably only 12 years old..

  • Effmenow

    Rosita is only 21? Holy Crap.

  • punk was trying to bury miz and del rio,
    Triple h never tried to point out punks flaws..

  • Valo487

    Lance Storm usually has good insight, why no one listens to people who make sense is beyond me….