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Lance Storm Reveals WWE Has Signed Two of His Female Students

– Lance Storm revealed on his website that WWE has signed two more students of his after the recent FCW tryouts in Florida. One of the female students that Storm is talking about is Tenille Tayla, who we’ve been writing about today. Storm wrote:

“Very happy to report that the 4th Storm Wrestling Academy Student has been offered a WWE Developmental contract. This past weekend WWE held one of their FCW tryout camps and several SWA students attended. With these tryout camps the top prospect is offered a WWE developmental contract and for the second straight tryout camp in a row a Storm Wrestling Academy graduate took that top spot and earned the WWE contract.

The previous camp winner Mattias Wild has been in developmental for a couple months, and is competing under the name Mike Dalton. Out of the same camp but hired later, Brandon Barker, has just reported for duty in FCW and will no doubt be renamed soon. My third signee (name withheld until her work visa and all paper work is finalized) heads for her medicals and testing this week. The latest signee (another female student) will now have a lot of paper work as well as her medical testing to go through before she gets to report to work in Florida.

Congratulations to all four. I can’t wait until you take that final step to the big stage and debut on WWE television.”

  • Lance Storms schools so good Bryan Danielson got turned down by it although who knows Bryan may have been piss poor when he started.

  • SusyRKO

    Who cares? Shelton Benjamin worked a dark match before Smackdown, hope he is back in the roster

  • Devil_Rising

    Unlike Koslov though, Kong is actually a pretty good wrestler. Koslov is a legit Sambo practitioner, or so I understand…but he looks like crap in the ring.

    As for Lance, yeah, he was one of the best wrestlers I’ve ever seen, and it’s nice to know SOMEBODY is still keeping that Hart family wrestling style alive, in some form. In training, I mean. From what I hear, his other sons aren’t the best teachers.

  • lazlo woodbine

    More fodder for Kong would be my guess. Personally I can’t wait for all the upcoming Kozlov style squashes.

  • marcum

    why is wwe sighing more divas when awesome kong hasn’t even debuted yet!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jimbo

    Lance Storm has a done a lot for wrestling. I imagine he’ll get his call to the HOF someday.