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Former WWE Stars React To Daniel Bryan Not Being Included In The Rumble Match

– Former WWE stars Lance Storm, Armando Estrada and Shane Helms took to Twitter to discuss the Royal Rumble ending and fans being upset about Daniel Bryan not being in the match. Here’s what they wrote:

Estrada: “It amazes me how much a company constantly ignores the feedback/suggestions of its customers! #Terribleforbusiness I hope @WWEDanielBryan doesn’t get @ZackRyder treatment. Aka ZackRydered. #nohaha The fans in Pittsburgh clearly voiced their displeasure with the booking of the last sequence of the match. Hopefully @wwe is listening. You’re not allowed to get over in @Wwe unless they want you to. If you do, you can and will be punished. Has happened to many over the years”

Helms: “Hey WWE I’m not trying to be rude but the crowd seems to really want Daniel Bryan. Juuuuuuust MAFAKIN Saying!! Geez. Fans, don’t blame Rey. He didn’t book this. Sadly WWE is still run by “Muscle Marks.” It is what it is folks. Roman Reigns is going to be an even bigger star now though. But Batista makes the roster stronger. He’s a star no doubt. Plus, he’s a great human being. Trust me! I wanted to see Daniel Bryan out there too!! Don’t confuse the issue. In my mind, he’s the most over guy in the biz right now.”

Storm: “I don’t understand why everyone is so upset, considering they got exactly what was advertised and everyone predicted. #RoyalRumble @WWEDanielBryan was not advertised in the Rumble, no one booked in other matches on PPV were booked in the Rumble it was promoted that way. The current @WWEDanielBryan situation reminds me of Jerry Lynn vs RVD in ECW. By having him lose fans got more behind him “New F’N Show”

If you want to send a message Chanting won’t do it. Watch only @WWEDanielBryan segments on RAW, turn other segs off. That’s a message. I’m a huge fan of @WWEDanielBryan I’m just pointing out that chanting and bitching online isn’t the way to accomplish what you want.”

  • JAckh45

    Cody and Goldust did not compete on the RR-PPV event. It was the preshow.
    Also, 25 people were advertised to enter the event. Some were replaced.
    But telling you all this is sublime because you have fallen into doing what exactly WWE want you to do.

  • Omar

    100% agree

  • Omar

    “If you want to send a message Chanting won’t do it. Watch only @WWEDanielBryan segments on RAW, turn other segs off” Perfectly said!!

  • d_pooch

    “By having him lose fans got more behind him…”

    Absolutely right.


    Lance storms comments were gold lol, I totally agree ,marks think theyre opinions count thats the definition of a mark,batista won,get over it