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Lanny Poffo Reveals Randy Savage’s Condition On Entering The Hall of Fame

Lanny Poffo recently participated in an interview with SLAM! Wrestling to address his late brother, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, as well as his own lengthy career in sports entertainment.

Poffo is asked whether WWE reached out to Randy for induction into their Hall of Fame and what his feelings were on the matter.

“Yes, we talked about it,” Poffo said. “As a matter of fact, what he was, remember when the Von Erichs got into the Hall of Fame? That was the first time he’d mentioned it, and my father was still alive. We celebrated his birthday, and at this point my father was coherent. He says, ‘The Von Erichs are in the Hall of Fame? I’m not going in, ever, into the Hall of Fame unless it’s the Poffos, Lanny, Randy and Angelo.’ That’s what he said. We didn’t cremate him against his wishes and we’re not going to go into the Hall of Fame against his wishes either.”

Poffo also commented on WWE releasing several products featuring Randy.

“I think it’s fantastic,” he said. “Did you see the interview he made for the Mattel dolls? He said, ‘It looks just like me, not now, but then.’ He got a big pop at the ComicCon with his video when he made that self-deprecatory joke. I thought it was phenomenal. He made a joke about himself that he didn’t look like that anymore.”

The full interview can be accessed here.

  • venom

    I never seen Lanny wrestle before, but Mach Man needs to be in the HOF. If Drew carey can be in there, then Macho Man can.

  • Chris E.

    @ Jason

    Yeah, that would have been it, as I am sure he was aligned (or managing?) with Perfect at the time. Doesn’t seem like such a huge thing now, but considering how unbeatable Hogan was, it was huge for me. I always like when the jobbers with talent got elevated.
    I remember when Andre beat Hogan for the title (with the Hebner twin referee), and I actually jumped off the couch I was so excited. It must have sucked to be a wrestler back in the day and knowing you were going into a feud with Hogan, and having to job EVERY night. The pay would have made up for it, though (I guess).

  • shawn

    i just bought the macho man dvd collection for 15$. watching 1 and a half discs of it felt like it was underpriced.

    MMRS belongs in the HOF. happy Labor Day.

  • lazlo woodbine

    Damn right, Lanny was an innovator, and was even pretty funny as the Genius, I always wondered if he wrote that weird poetry himself. Pretty sure he said all this just after his brothers death though.

  • StudDog

    They should all be in the hall of fame period.

    I remember as a kid NWA wrestling would come to our rec. center, There was this one guy Lanny Poffo who never won a match, Then he left for about 6 months when he came back he had reinvented himself and had some awesome moves, They called him Leaping Lanny Poffo, He was doing high flying moves before they were popular. Had a great streak for about 2yrs after that.

  • Jason

    My bad it was a Sat Night Main Event but it was a countout/ Percect took off with the belt & I’m positive thats where they destroyed the belt.

    Here’s a link

  • Jason

    @ Chris E

    I remember that. I’m pretty sure it was a Sat Night Main Event & Mr Perfect held Hogans feet and also where Hogans winged eagle belt got destroyed by Perfect also.

  • voice of reason

    i’ve never heard of the poffo’s but as for randy “ooohhhh yeeeeaaahhhh” sorry i couldnt resist, randy is one of my idols as a kid & now i remember as a kid being bullied & imagining randy beating these bullies up for me

    but if the poffo’s did contribute so much to the sport of wrestling give them what is due to them & induct them it’s only right to do so

  • Chris E.

    Lanny Poffo as the Genius was one of the first guys that ever beat Hogan on tv. I cant remember how he did it (probably a count out), but Hogan was unbeatable at the time. Hogan was way, WAY worse than Cena when it comes to being the unbeatable superman.

  • Sean Mooney

    Does anyone remember (several months before Randy’s death) that Lanny mentioned that Macho Man had HUGE plans for this year. He said something along the lines of, “my brother has huge plans this year and he’d kill me if I told you what they were”. Was this ever further elaborated on or mentioned since Randy’s death? I had thought it would involve WWE and/or the HoF.

  • tj

    exactly devil,
    lanny may not have had the accolades as macho,but he did contribute…

  • Devil_Rising


    Some of you kids seriously lack respect, don’t you. He was quoting either his father or Randy when he said that. And it’s a valid point. Macho Man belongs in it no question, but the point was, if they can put the whole Von Erich family, why not the whole Poffo family?

  • ##

    They ALL should be in the HOF. The Poffo family contributed alot to wrestling. Lanny was like one of the few jobbers who got mic time. He made alot of people look good in the ring. Angelo was a legendary wrestler and promoter.

  • Effmenow

    This lanny poffo guy really wants to get into this Hall Of Fame badly.