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Latest on Alberto Del Rio & the WWE Title in Mexico, Recent WWE Attendance

– Here are some recent WWE attendance figures:

* RAW on July 29th in Peoria, IL drew 3,500 fans for $106,000.

* RAW on July 30th in Rockford, IL drew 5,000 fans for $135,000.

* SmackDown on July 30th in Louisville, KY drew 5,700 fans for $162,000.

* RAW on July 31st in Springfield, IL drew 3,600 fans for $93,000.

* SmackDown on July 31st in Terre Haute, IN drew 2,200 fans for $56,000.

– After this week, the plan is still to give Alberto Del Rio the WWE Title. The winner of John Cena vs. CM Punk at SummerSlam is supposed to lose to Del Rio before WWE goes to Mexico in mid-October.

WWE will tape the October 17th RAW on October 15th from Mexico City and they are hoping that it could be one of the hottest RAW crowds in history.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Simon


    Maybe so, but right now, the two of them are feuding over the title, neither of them are going to let it slip out of both of their grasps by Del Rio getting in their business and letting him go on and do as he pleases with it, one or both will go after him. Which is why i said they need to hold back on him a while longer. Putting him in the middle of this now would kill it, unless he starts interjecting himself and it gets made a triple threat. He can then win the title, and have the MITB for when he loses, with Punk and Cena then arguing over who should face him.

  • CM Mark

    RACIST!!!!!!!!!! LOL… Sorry, too drunk to spell right tonight…

  • CM Mark

    LOL… Apparently everyone who doesn’t like Del Rio is a rascist. Someone should go to wikipedia and update the definition of rascist to that… ^_^

  • John

    @Nin. You’re so full of s**t it’s not even funny. You go on this site and accuse people of being racist but just for second THINK before you rant. It doesn’t matter what nationality he is, our qualm is that WWE is considering putting aside the only interesting storyline they have just for the benefit of a tour that won’t even be televised. I’d say the same thing if WWE was going Ireland and put the belt on Sheamus or going to India and put the belt on Khali. WWE is an American company and shouldn’t be putting the mexicans or any other nationality first, especially during such a hot angle.

  • kpnuttzlol

    Punk could win at SummerSlam and Del Rio might cash it in on him considering Punk laid Del Rio out at Mitb.

  • philly655

    hmmm spelling disaster… meant girlfriends/boyfriends

  • philly655

    go get yourselves girlfreinds/boyfreinds for fucks sake….

  • CC

    He may be Mexican, but he is hardly dark skinned. He is as white as most guys like Cena, Punk, Christian or Kelly Kelly. Just as Eddy was white, and Chavo was white.
    Not all Mexicans have dark skin.

    And just because one of two guys say some racist things, why are you saying that all the guys in this thread who have said nothing of the such, are racist?
    To me, you sound overly defensive and willing to through out accusations of others, yet have no proof that any one of these guys are racist.

    Mark Henry as a champion is a fucking awful idea, but not because he is black, because he is fucking shit.
    A guy like Booker was a great champion, once again, not because he was black but because of his talent.
    Kofi could potentially be a great champ down the line as well.
    I think that Orton makes a shit champion, and he is white … see how this works?

    Only one I can see taking things too far here at the moment, is the guy calling others racist not believing that maybe their opinions are based on other criteria.

  • nin

    first off hes not white hes mexican. second if u read comments on here most ppl like the rko guy come on and make racist comment all the time and thats a fact. im not playing no kind a card im just saying when it comes to them ppl on here take it too far. like they said they will put mark henry in the title n most ppl went crazy on here saying thats the worst idea ever ppl can have opinion just dnt take it to far..

  • venom


    Cena and Punk is a big storyline right now, and they don’t need the title in their feud. So I am okay with Del Rio winning the title and defending against somebody else, as long as they keep that title very far away from Cena. Del Rio will probably carry both WWE titles and will finally convert them into one, being the the first to carry a what ever this new title will look like.

  • JaYhAwK

    I agree with you but some people have thin skin and will play any card they can. ADR as champ would be good and like the champ vs champ punk vs ADR. Plus the wwe has been doing this for ages Bret hart, or Edge Champ in Canada, Rey when Eddie passed(R.I.P. Eddie), and if you are old enough to recall The British Bulldog vs Bret hart in england! WWE has always done this I am black and if the WWE thought putting the belt on JTG or mark henry would put people in seats in compton they would.

  • JIR

    Alberto Del Rio will cash in MITB at the RAW show in Mexico City the crowd reaction will be gigantic like that of a soccer game down there

  • Simon

    They have a GOLDEN storyline here that they could play on for months… but because they desperatly want Del Rio to be a champion going into Mexico, because you cant just be a big star without having a title *rolls eyes*, they’re willing to spoil this great story they got with Punk and Cena. I mean, if you look back, when there was only one heavyweight title, you could have feuds with other big guys and still be considered “main event”. For example: Taker vs Austin for a title in one night, with Rock vs HHH, Foely vs Kane, Big Show vs Angle… just because the other three matches dont have a title, doesnt make them any less big. Why can’t the WWE learn to build their stars up to main event level without cheapening the gold? Sure, he may have the tools for a champion, he maybe over as a heel, but right now, id say he is of Intercontinental status, kinda like how Jericho, Benoit and Gurrerro were in the past. He needs a good main event fued to bring him up to that level.

    Hell, even as much as i believe Christian deserved to win the gold, he isnt that over as a champion because he hasnt had a good feud to cement his status as a main eventer. Its like they are using the belts to say “This guy is good”, when the titles used to mean “This guy is the best”… Giving the belt to Del Rio is a mistake right now, i mean, he is feuding with Kofi at the moment, again… how are we supposed to believe a guy who has been fueding on and off with the same guy for over 6 months and not be able to shake him off, is capable of carrying the brand as their champion, when people like Punk, Cena, Mysterio and Miz are all at that level already, and those four would go over Kofi easily…

  • CC

    @Nin. What the fuck are you on about? For a start Del Rio is white, so it cant be racism (xenophobia yes, racism no). And then theres the fact that all people are doing is discussing their own opinions based on whether they like a guy or not.
    What would you be saying if a white guy turns round and cusses Cena or Punk for instance? Are you saying that someone is only allowed to dislike someone with the same skin colour as you or from the same country?
    I’m white, from England and would love to see Del Rio as champ, but I dont start screaming racism just because someone else doesnt think the same as me.
    People like you need to fuck off and stop playing the race card all the time, as sometimes people just dont like someone because of things that are fuck all to do with their skin colour or where they are from.

    I’d also hazard a guess that quite a few of the people on here who dont like Del Rio, may be fans of Mysterio, Eddy Guerrero or Sin Cara for example. Some may even want to see Mark Henry as champ, supported Booker as champ and would be only too happy to see anyone as champ who they feel has earned it.

  • Tyler(:

    Or: Triple H, Alberto del Rio and Cena all attack Punk for wanting to leave in the first place, Ace Steel and Colt Cabana make the save!.

    I can dream 🙁

  • Nin

    The racism on this site is crazy any time a non white wrestler is mention about becoming champ ppl on go crazy i guess u ppl like wwe…white wrestling entertainment cause god forbid sumone of color is champ.

  • peep this

    Ha, they are using him nothing more than a pawn. He will get the best to fill the seats in Mexico. Then when they head back to the states the visa department gonna repo that title from his money ass.

  • Im Latino Heat and Im Rated R

    Alberto Del Rio will be Champion at the expense on any one..but you already knew that 😉

  • CC

    What about the scenario of both Punk and Cena coming away from SS both as champions due to a DQ or double count out etc, and then Del Rio cashes in on one of them, setting up a title vs title feud involving Del Rio.
    Main reason I could see that happening is because that way they would be taking less of a risk having an unproven guy like Del Rio carrying Raw as the champion.

    I certainly think Del Rio has it in him to be a great champ, but we all know how WWE rarely has faith in people, and often gives first time champs short reigns because they blame low viewing figures etc on them.

  • K

    ADR is the most BORING person ive ever watched on wwe t.v. He is good in the ring but other than that he’s shit.

  • Little Jimmy Dudley

    This possible angle was thrown around just after ADR arrived in the WWE. It’s the reason they brought him in to begin with. I thnks it’s safe to assume that ADR will go to Mexico with the belt. That or he wins it there but that doesn’t allow for a big buildup/homecoming.

    Regardless of how he ends up with the belt, WWE needs to make the storyline after the fact exceptionally good as they are taking a big risk in losing momentum with the Punk-Cena-HHH angle.

  • John

    That’s great. So WWE is gonna plan they’re title picture based on a tour they’re doing, all the while during the hottest storyline they’ve had in years, just to pander to the Mexicans. Yet another dumb move by WWE. I won’t say they’ve dropped the ball just yet but after last Monday they’re def heading in that direction. Keep the belt on Punk. ADR sucks.

  • Shaun

    Lame, Keep Punk with the title, ADR is boring as hell.

  • Bill

    I think Del Rio winning the belt would take away from the fire Raw has been having as of late. I mean, it would most likely be Cena vs. Del Rio, but I’d like to see a heel Triple H screw Punk & make ADR a corporate champion or something.

  • CM Mark

    And this is where I take my leave of the WWE for awhile…YAWN.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    I can see Punk getting screwed somehow and then ADR cashes it on Cena and leaves SummerSlam with the title

  • Sean Mooney

    If Punk loses, then I wouldn’t be as pissed having Del Rio cashing in on Cena (then maybe a triple threat next month). Any chance Punk wins and Del Rio cashes in on him? Perhaps Triple H laying out Punk after beating Cena? I really do think Punk will win at Summerslam, no clue when Del Rio will cash in.

  • rocky sucks

    cena beats punk,takes a gts after the match and adr cashes in and takes the belt. not my dream outcome but at least cena will not be the the champ for the million time