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Latest on Averno Making His WWE Debut, New WWE Retro Hats, Rob Conway

– Former WWE Superstar Rob Conway turns 39 years old today.

– WWE’s shop website has released new retro hats on ECW, the Royal Rumble, RAW, DX, WCW, King of the Ring and more.

– More of the same regarding luchador Averno finally coming to WWE. Averno recently lost his one singles title with the CMLL promotion in Mexico, which immediately started the talk up of him leaving for the WWE roster.

Averno’s WWE debut faces another roadblock this time as Sin Cara is injured and out of action until some time in 2012. The upside for Averno is that WWE may bring him up now to feud with Hunico, Epico and Primo since Cara is out.

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  • venom

    Sin Cara’s botchfest got another guy another job.

  • Starship Pain


    No, they won’t put him as Sin Cara. Averno is really big in comparison to Mistico. They should bring in another guy like Volador Jr. or someone like that.

  • Bill

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Averno ends up “portraying” Sin Cara.

  • shawn

    good idea bringing in averno. also hiring rob conway just to fire him on airtime again would be a good idea. jk.