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Latest Backstage Fallout, Hornswoggle & Brodus, SmackDown’s Average Rating for 2012

– Titus O’Neil, Darren Young, Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre, Brodus Clay and Hornswoggle are featured in the new episode of WWE’s Backstage Fallout:

– As seen on SmackDown, Brodus Clay spoke and introduced Hornswoggle as his “little brother.” Hornswoggle wrote the following about his new partner:

“Had an amazing time joining @BrodusClay on #SmackDown tonight!!! WWE Universe, tell “them” that you want to see more of the “Tiny-Dactyl”!”

– Things aren’t looking good for WWE’s Friday Night SmackDown, ratings-wise. The disappointing 1.55 cable rating from the live show on April 10th brought SmackDown’s yearly average for 2012 to a 1.97. SmackDown finished 2011 with an average rating of 1.97.

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  • Nicholas

    I like to see Smackdown numbers when it was on Thursday night because to me that is when Smackdown did much better. The problem with Smackdown right now they have no really big name. Randy Orton to be don’t belong on Smackdown an needs to be on Raw as a heel. He is boring as a face would love to see him go back to being a heel. I feel Del Rio back on Smackdown was a good move. But then again Friday night just a bad night for wrestling. The live Smackdown needs to be for good if you ask me. But not on Tuesday but on Thursday when Smackdown was doing best because it was a good night.

  • Jason

    VRA do you know the div between viewership and TV ratings?

    The 2012 yearly avg for viewership is 1.5 million at this moment. Smackdown is at 2 million on avg at this moment. Friday night is known for being the worst night to have a TV show on but that has nothing to do with smackdown losing over a million viewers in just two years time. When they were on mynetwork TV they had better viewership and that was a baby network vs. where they air now.

    More like you hurt your own debate without even knowing or understanding why or how.

  • V-R-A


    I just checked Gerweck and it says the average is a 1.09 more of your bullshit. Dude, you say your in PR, but your not. Because if you were you know that Friday Night, NO MATTER which channel is considered a “death-slot” it always gets the lowest rankings. WWE Smackdown Average is a 1.97, your using a website that hurts your own argument.

  • Jason

    We have a 1.5 yearly avg for TNA according to gerweck and we are under ten years old with no huge brand name like WWE to back us up via immage. WWE is 67 years old and can’t even grow there A show much less there B show any further. We at TNA have an excuse what do you at WWE have as an excuse?

    In two years time we will be past Smackdown on all fronts and begin aiming for WWE Raw which will take at least another 5 to 8 years to beat.

    TNA is growing year after year on all demos and viewership where as WWE though still ahead keep losing viewers month after month. I’m calling it right now, by summer of 2012 the WWE viewership will be at 3.8 million. Bank on it

  • adam

    i find it intresting that these numbers are bad for wwe but would be celebrated in TNA

  • BlaH

    Cole said Hornswoggle looks like a beefsteak tomato.

  • Wife Beater 3:16

    Fan of Brodus but hated “Tiny-Dactyl”.

    As a matter of fact, I hate anything associated with Hornswoggle.