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Latest on CM Punk’s WWE Status and Big Show’s Angle from RAW

– The injury angle with Big Show on RAW was done to lead to a feud with Alberto Del Rio. As far as we know, Show is not legitimately injured.

The idea is that Del Rio will feud with Big Show and then Kane, leading to a singles match with John Cena for the WWE Title at SummerSlam.

– At last word from this week’s WWE TV tapings, CM Punk has not re-signed a new contract. His current one expires at the end of the Summer.

Punk is giving indications that he will be leaving when the contract expires but WWE is still trying to sign him.

Word is that at one point, WWE offered Punk a role in a future WWE Studios movie.

Source: PWInsider

  • SusyRko

    Big Show and Kane, two of most boring wrestlers they are too slow in my opinion

  • CM Mark


  • I highly doubt CM PUNK can succeed in movie business, he is doing right to get off WWE, he cant really wrestle there due to the PG limitations.

  • CC

    The story speculation about Del Rio sounds ridiculous. Yes, its setting up a Show/Del Rio feud, but why will it then lead into a feud with Kane, who will now go back to SD unless he recaptures the tag titles?
    Also, how does feuding with those two lead into a singles match with Cena?

  • ??

    They want him to give up the rights to his name. He doesn’t want to give them up, so its looking like he will leave.

  • nick

    Coz a film role will keep him sweet. Not. Maybe giv him the belt again and make the nexus a force to be recond with a opposed to a bigger comedy act than santino.punk equals ratings, fact. But when was his lady string of victories? Way to screw major talent

  • Elizabeth

    He can play charles manson