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Latest on CM Punk’s WWE Status, Sin Cara vs. Evan Bourne Update, John Cena

– In an update to the story from earlier on the voting at RAW, WWE’s website now reports that Sin Cara actually received 90% of the vote for the Evan Bourne match and should have been the opponent, not Mason Ryan.

– Sources report that John Cena continues to work hurt and is currently dealing with some hip and back issues.

– After last night’s big storyline with CM Punk on RAW, some believe that Punk will be staying with WWE since they’re working his contract into a storyline. Word at RAW is that Punk still plans on leaving WWE after the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, despite the storyline.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • Big Dic Dudley

    Punk is about the only reason I occasionally turn on Raw still, I was wondering what the wwe brASS thought when he said the word wrestling in his promo, since that is a cardinal sin now. I hope he goes to ROH, with the new tv deal and Punk they could blow by TNA and start competing with Vince’s children’s programming.

  • CM Punk 86

    I wish they would do away with the whole PG BS and go old school thats just me though

  • John Cheesa

    I think Kunal needs to take his trollish behavior out of here, but I hope CM Punk doesn’t take his talents (right, LeBron)away from the WWE, because he’s one of the best performers they have, and he’ll certainly be missed.

  • The Killswitch

    I think Kunal is best engrish speaker of internet.

  • Generic Troll

    @venom he’s been at tna before 02-04, but he had disagreements with management or whatever, TNA doesn’t need new talent i’m sick of people saying that, they just need to break out on their own by using their own storylines and wrestlers instead of reusing old storylines from 90s-early 2000’s and get rid of all these damn 45+ year olds like hogan and bischoff etc. oh and bringing back the 6sided ring got everyone hyped.. then we found out its just for the ppv.. i mean really..? tna was great with the six sided ring a strong tag division an x division that meant something and good world title matches, much like wwe their 2nd teir titles are now almost meaningless, watch wwf and wcw and see people like stone cold carrying the IC strap and how they regard it just as high as the world title..

  • venom

    If Punk does go to TNA, maybe he can take TNA to the next level.

  • Justin Sane

    I don’t think he’ll go to TNA, considering the fact that he hates Hogan..

  • Bobby Lashley is Back so I am so Glad………………..
    I wait for Bobby Lashley

  • Shawn Michel & Triple H (DX) is big strength of WWE

  • I am very happy because Rock is back again on Birthday….

  • I think Trish Stratus very very hot & Sexy ……………….

  • I think WWE powerfull player is Undertaker…….

  • I think Rey Mysterio is Best player of WWE………………
    Cute Mysterio……………

  • I think Jhon Cena & Randy Orton best friend of the real life………..

  • Matt

    theyre just hedging their bets so whatever happens the dirt sheets can say they were right.

  • Unique

    Hmmmmm I know….Im gonna bet on black and red! I CANT LOSE!!! Idiot!

    I was never voting last night…but i was sure i would see bourne v cara…would have been cool.

    Think WWE will make up for it and do it next week?

  • Big T

    I hope they re-create the Montreal screw job again. Perfect setting! CM Punk leaving the company and in his home town. I wonder how the company reacted to his “wrestling” references?

  • ADYG95

    ah so that explains it. i was quite confused when Mason Ryan won the vote over Sin Cara. Cara is over with the fans, and the fans wanted to see the match. dont believe this bs about system overloads. WWE are just money grabbing greedy bastards!if you guys want to watch non politics show go watch ROH. they have a iPPV this sunday and its going to be amazing. but before i get any hate let me just say i am still a WWE fan but they continue to frustrate me this year!

  • V-R-A

    @ Jeff, I agree. But does it surprise you one bit that WWE would recycle that story line with someone leaving?

  • Will Henderson

    if Punk does leave the WWE, get ready for a huge bidding war between TNA and ROH with ROH most likely the winner due to their owners being a media company and also CM Punk had the most success pre-WWE there in ROH.

  • Jeff

    At VRA…. Seems like we’ve seen that already. Lame even by WWE standards

  • V-R-A

    Punk is going to win the title then immediately they winner of the RAW MITB will cash it in.

  • CM Mark

    So which is it? Is he staying or is he going? LOL…