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- WWE is promoting several upcoming RAW live events with the following line: “Will John Cena crash the party?”

- The three-hour RAW from New Orleans, Louisiana in two weeks will be WWE’s third three-hour show in five weeks. That night will see the 2010 Slammy Awards.

- No word yet why WWE didn’t debut the Juan Cena character on last night’s RAW but it’s said that his appearance on Sunday night in Marlyand was a test run. For his debut, Juan was announced at 108.86 kilos from West Newbarnia, Mexico. John Cena is billed at 240 lbs from West Newbury, Massachusetts.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

  • Andy

    I don’t think Juan will be on TV. I think it’s just a way to keep Cena wrestling while on the road. With the way Cena’s involvements played out last night, it only makes sense that it will lead up to Barrett challenging Cena for TLC…perhaps with a WWE Contract in the briefcase for Cena…Juan Cena will not exist on WWE TV.

  • SusyRKO

    West Newbarnia?? they should make him from Tepito

  • Mel

    I was there at the house show in Maryland for “Juan’s” debut. LOL
    Same music….same wrestling gear….only with a matching mask…..LOL
    BUT NOW you had idiots in the audience “bickering” about whether it was the REAL John Cena !!!! Oh my! LOL

  • Ronald

    I think they should go all out on this gimmick. Everyone (even the kiddies) knows it’s John, but why not eliminate the jean shorts and give him a true Luchador outfit (consult with Mysterio and Del Rio, if need be). Give his current theme a Mexican remix. Hell… maybe even teach him a couple new moves? Okay, okay, maybe that’s going a little too far.

  • Emerson

    The slammys are live from austin,texas I thought not new orleans? Maybe I mixed dates up.

  • http://[email protected] BuckieKid

    its just like hogan and the daft amercian gimmick story he done with vince on smackdown years ago

  • EtTuBrute

    They are probably just using Juan Cena to keep him at live events. They probably won’t debut him on TV. With the current storyline, it wouldn’t make any sense.

  • Swagger

    It’s the most ridiculous storyline in such a long time, they had an opportunity to come up with a cracking comeback storyline yet settled with this.

  • Yay

    i hope this is a rib & they don’t go for it

  • CiB

    ‘Juan’ Cena’s theme song had better be a salsa remix of Cena’s song.

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