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Latest Episode of WWE Download with Dolph Ziggler, Owen Hart’s Birthday

– Today would have marked Owen Hart’s 47th birthday. Hart died on May 23rd, 1999 after an equipment malfunction during his entrance at the Over the Edge pay-per-view from the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri.

– Below is the latest episode of WWE Download with Dolph Ziggler:

  • voice of reason

    yep i miss osama i miss never hearing about the fucker i miss worrying about who he targets next yep i miss him, such a misundersttod sould are you serious he was a homicidal maniac & all in the name of god 4000 souls paved the hijackers way for these fuckers to get into their version of heaven, when i was at church i was taught god loves me what the fuck are muslims taught “god will embrace you if you kill for me” so yes kitkrock osama was a misunderstood soul but mainly he will never be missed.

    also if osama was so fucking awesome why did he hide behind a woman on his last night on this earth not the measure of a man to me a man stands up to a fight & never backs down.

    SEMPER FI to the marines that took that fucker out.

  • eric

    kitkrock bin laden a misunderstood soul. are u on drugs? he was mastermind of 9/11 planes highjacking for terriorst to drive planes into world trade center in nyc. he deserve to be taken out by are brave navy seals. the heartless bastard is burning in hell where he belongs! he killed over 4,000 americans in september11 2001 u idiot! he is and was evil man who is no longer here to hurt americans and other people!

  • kitkrock

    rip owen and all that but
    We miss you more, Osama Bin Laden.

    RIP to a misunderstood soul.

  • nick

    Push Tyson Kidd #GetHIMonRAW

  • Logan

    My favorite wrestler of all-time Owen “The Black Hart” Hart. Miss ya man.

  • Gorilla

    RIP Owen “The King” of Harts ……….

  • Gorilla

    Wrestlemania 29 Dream Card …
    WWE Championship One Hour Iron Man match: CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan
    World Heaveyweight Championship: Dolf Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder
    20+ Years In The Making: The Undertaker vs. Sting
    Once In A Lifetime: Stone Cold vs. John Cena
    Greatest Rivalries Match: Triple H vs. The Rock

  • The Ryder Revolution

    R.I.P. Owen Hart

  • berto


  • yofits

    Owen Hart is one of the best canadian wrestlers ever. Another great Canadian wrestler is Chris Benoit.

    We never got to see Owen vs Chris Benoit for the European title in the WWE 🙁

    We miss you Owen and Chris.

    FUN TRIVIA!: Owen Hart broke Austin’s neck at Summerslam in 1997, Austin broken Chris Benoit neck in 2001. Owen died because a rope snapped. Benoit died because a rope didn’t snap.

  • TheRealChicagoMadePunk

    Takes a big man to dis on a legend from his keyboard. Trolling or not, don’t take out your frustrations with a dumb comment like that because of your personal innsecurrities.

  • Jaime5150

    We all love you OWEN!!!
    King Of Hearts

  • theMark

    Congrats to the turnbuckle today: You ended that stupid Canadian’s life

  • we will never forget u owen