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Latest Episode of WWE Inbox, Backstage News on Antonio Cesaro’s Future

– Below is the latest episode of WWE Inbox:

– We noted on Tuesday that WWE officials that Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler are now ready for the “big time” main event booking, Ziggler more than Barrett. Regarding current United States Champion Antonio Cesaro, the feeling is that it will take a long time to really get him over but when he is over all the way, it’s going to be very strong. their mindset is that Cesaro can win some and lose some along the way to the top and it won’t hurt him in the long run.

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  • scooter

    Honestly the way he loses the US title is the thing that will define him. In my opinion he needs to tear through the midcard and have someone unexpected beat him for the belt in order for him to stay strong. My guess is Swagger returns and dethrones him which is cool but I’d let him beat some more Tyson Kidds and R-truths first.

  • Shawn

    I can easily envision Cesaro as the WHC right now. I’d love to see him face Big Show for the title at Wrestlemania, even. Sure, it’s a bit too soon for that, but he’s not getting any younger. That being said, I do like the way WWE is developing the character so far. Let’s hope they don’t f*** it up.

  • Dan

    In terms of as a wrestler Cesaro is more than ready to be a main-event guy, though at the moment his promos seem a bit weak. Not necessarily his actual promo skills, but he just hasn’t been given all that much to say. Plus I think there’s too many title plans in place already for him to really get that shot; WHC -Ziggler, Barrett and Orton are almost guaranteed runs with the belt soon, WWE Title- Punk, Rock, Cena and more than likely Ryback all seem certain, and that’s not even including other guys on the up like Rhodes, Bryan and Sandow.

  • Nate

    Lets not forget Cesaros ability on the mic. It is hard enough to cut a good promo in one language, never mind 4…

  • Tom… Just Tom

    Always been a fan of Cesaro, going back to his days in ROH. WWE needs to just keep working on his character and he can be one of the big stars there.

  • Jimbo

    Hmph, WWE (McMahon) can say “win some and lose some” but what he reallys means is win against Yoshi Tatsu and Tyson Kidd and lose to Cena, Sheamus, and Orton.

  • poko

    I’ll give the WWE props with Cesaro so far, they made him look very strong in that 4-way match. The guy has success written all over him. He could be a top heel eventually and they’ve done well by him so far.

    I just hope he doesn’t end up in a feud with Cena. That’s usually two steps back for most guys.

  • Stevie P

    Just as long as Cesaro “wins some”. Just take Ziggler since he’s won his MITB briefcase. He’s lost basically every match he’s been in. How does that put him over? How is that going to make the title look once he wins it? Are people going to buy him as a legit champion? The answer is, outside of the IWC, no he won’t be because he loses too much. I really hope Cesaro gets better treatment.