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Latest Episode of WWE Inbox, Sunny Says She Was Mugged Outside of a Store

– Here is the latest episode of WWE Inbox:

– WWE Hall of Famer Sunny says she had her purse snatched outside of a Wawa store on Wednesday night around 1am. She wrote about being upset that the topic of what she wants in a boyfriend was covered while the news of her mugging was not:

“OK….so let me get this straight….I write a joke status about “what I look for in a boyfriend” and it makes Worldwide wrestling website headlines…..I put a post up last night about being MUGGED, a serious matter worthy of a headline, and I find it NOWHERE on ANY website…..HMMMMMMMM. Dontcha think these so-called JOURNALISTS should get their priorities straight and leave my love life alone????”

  • CC

    So with a later post she says she tricked the dirtsheets into covering it, yet here she is complaining they didnt cover it.
    So what she is saying is she is pissed off that nobody bought her stupid claims, so she whined a bit more just so she can scream “I won” when they finally cover it.

    Go back to the gutter Sunny.

  • Matthew Farrell

    What was she doing out at 1am anyway? Kind of makes me think she really is a hooker… sad.

  • Omar

    She is such an attention-whore.