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Latest on Foley Leaving TNA, TNA Planning Roster Cuts, Mickie James News

– Here is the updated list of appearances Mickie James will be making at the Country Music Awards fan festival events in Nashville, Tennessee from June 6th through the 11th, courtesy of her official website:

* On Tuesday June 7th Mickie will be appearing at the Hear The Music Live Golf Tournament at Opryland Gaylord Spring Links in Nashville. Tee-off time is 8:30am. For more details visit: right now for a list of other artists also appearing.

* On Tuesday June 7 from 8-10pm Mickie will be hosting the Fan Fair Acoustic Jam Kickoff at Doc Holiday’s in Nashville. Others scheduled to be there include Hollywood Wolfe, Mishavonna, Brian Randle, Kyle Brooks, Jeremy Miller and others. Anyone who wants to rock is more than welcome.

* On Wednesday June 8 from 7:30-9pm Mickie will be appearing at a USA Championship Wrestling event in Nashville at the NWA Arena. She will be signing autographs at the show starting at 7:30pm. After the show she will be performing an acoustic set.

* On Friday June 10th Mickie will be performing at The Hard Rock Outdoor Entertainment Stage at 4:15pm at CMA Fest in Nashville. Big thanks to A Star promotions at She will also be participating in a meet & greet session with fans.

* On Saturday June 11th Mickie will be holding her Fan Club Party at Whiskey Bent in Nashville. There will be a concert from 2-3pm and then a meet ‘n greet from 3-3:30pm.

– The latest on Mick Foley possibly leaving TNA is that he requested his release from the company. Foley has not officially been released but it’s expected to be confirmed soon.

– TNA is reportedly planning on cutting several talents soon from the roster. Officials have been evaluating what’s working and what’s not working, trying to determine which talents aren’t fitting in. No word yet on when the cuts will be made but some wrestlers have apparently been told to sit tight while the necessary cuts are made.

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  • finallythekingjoinsin

    Sad thing is i havent watched TNA or followed it enough to even know who is on the roster. They had so much promise circa 2005-2006

  • puffdavie

    Im a huge Foley fan, leave it to impact to ignore the one wrestler in that company with any brains, and probably their biggest draw.. IM DONE…Vince Russo , Hulk Hogan, You 2 are clueless and you have ruined another wrestling promotion..

  • scooter

    amazing red will be safe they seem to want to push this luchador gimmick so red will be kept in that capacity

  • Jonesy

    Yeah thats true. One can only wish 🙂 damn Tnas probably gonna go down. Such a shame they have some good talent.

  • adam tarasievich

    They wont cut any of the older talent. If anything the majority of the x-division will be fired.

  • Jonesy

    I agree with @venom Hogan and friends need to be fired.Get rid of the trio of Hogan, Bischoff and Russo. Also Bubba Ray, Hardy, Steiner, Jarrett, Sting, Rob Van Dam chopn all those old bastards heads of and push all the younger stars.

  • venom

    Get rid of Hogan and friends. They also need to get rid of Dreamer and Dudleys. ECW is dead.

  • CC

    “Officials have been evaluating what’s working and what’s not working”

    The “Whats working” list is small … very, very small.

  • nick

    Mexican america – safe
    joe – safe
    magnus and williams – safe
    gunner – safe

    pope – maybe
    murphy – maybe

    rob terry – gone
    bucks – gone
    red – gone
    dreamer – gone

    easiest way to tell – immortal rsafe, fortune safe, main event safe, high profile safe, everyone else on shakey ground

  • mark

    mick come back to WWE where u belong

  • C.R.

    I have really stopped watching TNA, or Impact Wrestling, after I found out Jay Lethal was gone, but I have the same fears as everyone else in that they will probably cut those with talent as opposed to those taking up space because of the current storylines. They have made some poor decisions in my opinion, but if they cut Samoa Joe, I think they will lose a good portion of fans.

  • Jeff Hardy will be gone

  • Tony A.

    Foley for RAW GM!

  • Snark Mark

    Douglass Williams, Mexican America (esp. after injuring Sabin), Orlando Jordan, Rob Terry, Shannon Moore, maybe Pope, maybe Joe, maybe Matt Hardy (you know he has to cost $$$).
    With Foley apparently leaving, that might put Destination X and the entire X division in jeopardy. Hope not, but we’ll see.

  • Richard

    TNA should release:

    Robbie E & Cookie (this gimmick was stupid from the start)
    Gunner & Murphy (Immortal is just made up of a bunch of jobbers)
    Rob Terry (This guy can barely move)
    Ms Tessmacher

    Bring Back the X division…that’s the main reason I started watching TNA.

  • Damn there go the whole X Division.

  • charlemange

    Orlando Jordan, maybe Robbie E, Cookie, Rob Terry, Magnus but probably not if Desmond Wolfe comes back, Murphy, and Hernandez and Anarequia maybe. thats probalby it.

  • Ryan

    notice how WWE’s annual cuts havent come yet beside a few down in FCW and now TNA have to make the cuts!

  • Jon

    Need to fire hogan bischoff and russo. But agree they will release the undercard and the x division

  • 6burgh

    cuts r needed, just have a feeling the wrong ones will be cut.

    orlando jordon
    the freak(forget his name)
    these 3 can go

    scared for
    alex shelly, fallen angel, somoa joe, the pope.