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Latest On Hardy’s Future With TNA, Patel Spotted At “iMPACT!” Taping

— According to sources within TNA Wrestling, no determination has made regarding if and when Jeff Hardy will return to action.

It was reportedly discussed that Hardy would return as a babyface, but sources say the subject was never broached. Hulk Hogan criticizing him a promo on the March 17 iMPACT! was merely done to explain his absence from Immortal.

Hardy’s status with the company likely won’t be discussed until after his April 20 court hearing in Moore County, North Carolina.

— Jalil Patel, an Indian film actor, model and singer who has appeared in numerous Bollywood films, advertisements and music videos, was spotted in the VIP area at last night’s iMPACT! taping in Orlando, Florida. He was seated off-camera and had four to five security guards around him at all times. (Thanks to Nick)

Patel worked a dark match against Ring of Honor competitor Roderick Strong at the August 10, 2010 iMPACT! taping, which he lost.



    TNA needs to go ahead and fire him so he can go back to WWE and take Edge’s spot!!! YEAH, RIGHT!!!

  • Devin

    I saw him at Impact back in August. I think he might be a real actor but even if hes not, he has a great gimmick and he’s pretty good in the ring. And besides hes got people talking. I think TNA should give him a shot, he’s got to be better than half the crap they put on TV all ready.

  • Nicholas G

    @ arrrrtruth Vince Mac would fire Jeff Hardy in a heart beat and not lose any sleep. Because if there is one thing Vince will not stand for is a wrestler look bad in front of millions of people. Ask the Ultimate Warrior the Summerslam where he refuse to team with Hogan because he wanted more money. Oh Vince Mac gave him the raise that night. But after the event was over the Warrior came back to the lock room and got fire. Now if Vince would fire a superstar like the Warrior for that. He would have no problem doing it to Jeff Hardy. Vince feels one guy is not bigger then the company. Dixie Carter needs to learn that TNA needs to be bigger then one superstar. An stop letting the superstar be bigger then the company. Because when Jeff Hardy leave what is TNA going to have. Dixie like I said before get a hold of your company before another Chris Benoit thing happen.

  • aarrrrrtruth

    control him? if anything, vince would resign jeff so that he could bury him and show tna how you deal with talent that cant handle themselves or their problems.

    however, vince would NEVER resign him so the point is moot.

  • @CC I saw the Wiki page and I found nothing noteworthy. I searched ‘Pagal Chawalwala’ and it linked to same text on many sites. His other ‘successful’ movie Haseena Ka Deewana & Khiladi Zindagi Ka does not even have a single page on it.
    @Sumit Sabko chutiya bana raha hai Jalil…

    Also, he has no IMDB profile. So its hard to believe that the info about his success in Bollywood is true. I wont be surprised to know that he made that Wiki page himself.

  • Sumit

    Hey i am also from india,
    Funny I have never heard of the movies mentioned in the wikipedia page. Its funny a guy is presented at a big star from india and no one in india has a clue who he is.

  • Shay

    I hope to see Jeff back in action soon!

  • CC
  • Im from India and I have never heard of Jalil Patel in any movie or advertisement. I dont recognise his face either.
    He must be a very small time actor…

  • CC

    Now while I think that TNA should sack him and that were he in WWE when he did that, he would have been gone instantly, I still think that if TNA did give him the boot, WWE would re-sign him and give him another push.
    I think the way they would see it is that they would want to prove that they can control him where TNA couldnt.

  • theviewtvshow

    jeff cant keep his mouth away from his crack pipe long enough

  • erik

    tna needs to do right thing. in my job and others job if any of us show up to work the way jeff hardy did any of us on here would be fired in seconds. hardy needs to be fired and needs to go away from wrestling he is the kurt cobain of pro wrestling.

  • Matt

    TNA need to fire his ass, and enforce a proper drug testing program like WWE, otherwise ol’ druggy/drunk Jeff is just gonna do it again.

  • M.C.

    @in grind, let’s hope Jeff doesn’t know about the significance of 4/20… haha!

  • Chris

    How can he come back as a baby face? People won’t remember The Anti Christ of Professional Wrestling? People won’t remember his drunken 90 seconds of Victory Road?

  • In Grind We Crust

    “Hardy’s status with the company likely won’t be discussed until after his April 20 court hearing in Moore County, North Carolina.” Am I the only one who finds it HILARIOUS that his court date is on 4/20?

  • aarrrrrtruth

    the impact zone has a V.I.P. section? seriously? what they need is a section for the few people in the crowd that are excited to be there.

    and the hardys havent been significant as a tag team in almost 10 years. they both had their chances and blew them. matt hardy thinks he’s gods gift to the business and is waaaaay too outspoken considering his situation. jeff just doesnt deserve anymore chances. tna has tag team wrestling covered by sticking with beer money, the mcmg, the young bucks and any other pair of young talents waiting for a push. i assure you that pair will be more entertaining than the hardys at this point.

  • Jimbo

    LOL, like some dude from Bollywood needs security guards in a country where nobody knows who the hell he is.

  • TomC

    Yah, there’s that dilemma too . . . most of me doesn’t think he does, but I’d still like to see The Hardy’s as a solidified tag team again.

  • Cody

    Yes, reunite them because clearly Jeff Hardy deserves another chance.

  • TomC

    Reunite “The Hardy Boys” and let’s start an ACTUAL Tag Team division in TNA – PLEASE !!!!