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Latest Jeff Hardy-TNA News, Update on Kid Kash Coming Into TNA, Matt Hardy

– ECW Original Kid Kash will reportedly be working as a heel when he comes into TNA and will be used largely as a solid worker who can put over the younger X Division guys.

– There have been people within TNA wanting Matt Hardy to go to rehab as well. As noted before, TNA officials wanted Jeff Hardy to enter rehab.

– Speaking of Jeff, it sounds like TNA has things lined up for him as he has a new DVD coming out in October. Hardy wrote on Twitter:

“Just Finished up tha shoot for my new DVD….2 days of good footage!I think you all will dig it when it drops in October!!”

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • venom

    Fatt Hardy should go to rehab to get off the McDonald’s Big Mac addiction. Fatt Hardy has to lay off the grapes too. I think the DVD coming out for Jeff Hardy will be called Jeff Hardy:Wrestling on the Compound Yard. Watch Jeff Hardy as he feuds with Nailz and The Big Bossman.

  • Estaban

    Mark doesn’t get out much eh lads n lasses! dude 1 infact both a fruit loops. 1 a drugy and the other ones bangs on about the greater good. how he’s going to take down the wwe!. still waiting for that to happen!

  • Mark

    Why dod people seem to “hate” the Hardy Boyz? There has been nothing about Jeff in a few weeks and it is like you say his name and folks come out of the woodwork like roaches to bash him. Same with Matt. Should they re-invent themselves to be credible again? Absolutely, like when they were the NEW LOOK HARDY BOYZ with Michael Hayes, but shit does everything have to be so negative when you mention their names?

  • Estaban

    LOL why does the song we’re tiny we’re toony we’re all a little loony enter my head!. I would say Its Igge and ooge. We just need little hardy and we’ll have the 3 stooges!. dvd will air on the comedy station soon! TBC (to Be confirmed)

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Sorry to disappoint sandman… I don’t have man tits or a cheeseburger locker like your beloved Fattitude V1. Why would you bring that up anyway… He should be in better shape than the average person because of what he does but sadly he isn’t… He is a washed up, out of shape, never was, he will ALWAYS be in Jeff’s shadow.

  • Soulshroude

    Who will pick it up when it drops? Good question.

  • elvisD

    I have Spoken my piece on the Hardys, I think if they did air out what really happened in their lives, come back and really work their asses off, then i might have a shred dignity for them, but its too easy for them to get fucked up and loaded before matches, C M PUNKS PROMO SAID IT BEST: Pain Killers Tag Team Champions I WOULD LOVE IT

  • Camille

    Why spell it “tha”? It’s the same amount of letters. Same amount of effort. Might as well spell it right.

  • sandman

    bet matt hardy is in better shape that you “duffman”

  • Starship Pain

    Sorry… But what is all that about Matt going to rehab? Is he a drughead like his bro? Come on, it’ll be a shame if his in drugs like Jeff…

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Will Fatt still be able to get his grapes in rehab?

  • MrWrestling

    @The real wrestling god

    They signed him because hes a talented wrestler. He’s a lot better than some of the other guys on the roster. Steiner, Terry, Murphy…..

  • Devil_Rising

    Thanks funny…….because Matt never had a reputation as anything but a pretty clean, straight guy for all these years. Not too sure I’d believe that about him. But his brother? Duh.

  • U ain’t Awesome

    Wow tna really struck gold wit these 2 losers. I hope they were worth all that money that tna paid them.

  • I bet the Charismatia Enabler can’t believe that CM Punk won the WWE Championship in a MOTY, something Jeff Hardy can no longer put on.

  • The real wrestling god

    I don’t know why Tna doesn’t just release them both. They’ve done more bad than good so far. Don’t know why Tna signed Kid Kash way too many guys in the xdivision.

  • nick

    I cant wait for the matt hardy dvd to come out becuse he has been such a great addition to tna to bad he had to go on a coke binder or as he put it got food poisoning. Tna should just turn a blind eye to the hardys problems and get what they can out of them and then let em go. I dont know what there contracts are like but if jeff just did shooting for a dvd they had to have paid him and whats the point of paying them to just put them on dvd’s or come out and job a title match to sting. and still get paid. If tna wants old school apeal then they should go and get jake the snake cuz he wrestles great loaded

  • thomas

    the two biggest drugheads in the company The Hardy boyz

  • al

    a DVD of just 5 matches?